Blood amount when hitting enemies during 1.5 and 1.6 patches is such a problem i dont even want to play the game anymore

Issue Summary:
Blood over the screen makes the game unplayable.

First of all this is why you dont rush out patches fatshark devs. Im not here to moan at the devs they are human beings and we all make mistakes after all. just please help me get it fixed?

When hitting enemies during the 1.5 patch i used to get no blood -Because thats how i like to play the game- Now during the 1.6 beta and 1.6 live patch i get so much blood gushing out of enemies when hitting enemies it makes the game unnecessary frustrating to the point where i dont even want to play the game anymore.

Remember back in bog beta where we had over a week of blood on screen and there was no way to turn it off? I suspect the same thing has happened not with screen blood this time but with blood when hitting enemies. All my settings are low/off and i even tried a fresh install of the game and settings folder and i still get the same issue.

Steps to Reproduce:
Its just there regardless since the new patch. I had no issue during all the previous patches. I have played since the original beta and never had an issue like this before. (Well not aless you include the other blood type bug i have included here as an example during bog beta)

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%) always there no matter what settings and still there after i reinstalled the game / deleted all mods ect (Official realm)

Additional Information:
Im willing to do everything i can on my end to get the issue sorted so i can start enjoying the game again.

[Attach a Screenshot and/or Video Evidence]
There is nothing to attach. I can easily get a screenshot if im asked?

I attached a DxDiag as requested.
I Attached my Session Console Log as requested.
(Not sure if they got uploaded?) First time posting here. I can edit and repost if needed! :slight_smile:

Also im not sure why most of my post in is caps?..Sorry about that! :l

Yea, I can’t get rid of it either. Reported this issue in the beta bugs.

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