Bleed damage on dummies is different as client (“atharti’s delight” talent) *Bump*

This previous issue was outlined by the user “Venus” on June 8. It was locked on June 15th with no resolution and no reply. It contained the following:

"with atharti’s delight selected, and using the deepwood staff to inflict bleed, i noticed that the bleed ticks on enemies were much smaller when i was playing as client than when i was playing as host. i was using the same gear and talent setup in both cases, but when i was hosting, the unarmoured dummies took 5.75 damage per tick, and the armoured dummies took 3 damage; when i was client, the values were less than half as much: 2.25 vs unarmoured and 1 vs armoured dummies.

when i asked the host of the lobby i was client in to switch to sister of the thorn and do the same test, the unarmoured dummy displayed 5.75 damage per bleed tick–the same values i had when i was host. i don’t have an easy way to test whether this is only an issue inside the lobby, or whether it extends to actual gameplay."

Given this information, I hope to get a reply regarding the actual values of this talent. The damage difference explained here is applicable to all of Kerillian’s weapons, not just Deepwood Staff. There’s a community tournament in a few days and I’d like to know which value of the talent is correct in-game. There’s a substantial enough difference between 5x6 and 1.5x6 bleed damage that an explanation is warranted. Thank you for your time!


@Big_Moisty I’ve passed this on to our developers to look into.

I’ll update when I know more.


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