Black screen on launch (cant play)

Hello, I’ve been playing vermin tide 2 just fine but recently my buddy tried to get into it and is having an issue with a black screen when he boots up the game. apparently, he hears no audio either.

I looked into these forums and i found Fatshark Julia give a response on this saying that you have to add the line gui_bloom = false to the user_settings file.

I’m about to do this for my friend but I noticed that the other settings below where I should put it won’t be aligned, so should I add spaces behind the gui bloom line to align it with the lower lines, or is that inconsequential?

this is the post i was referring to: Black screen on launch - #4 by FatsharkJulia

The post referenced will be redundant, as the origin of that issue was patched long ago!

Your buddy must be experiencing another problem. Could you have him send us a crash report (if one is produced) or a console log please?: [PC] How to Provide a Crash Report or Console Log – Fatshark

sorry, I just found my post again. I will ask him to give me the crash report asap. although it’s not really crashing and closing by itself. it’s just not working so I’m not sure if there is a crash to report

this is his crash report console-2021-09-05-16.40.34-d3007ca2-f303-41c6-80ee-6767c59024ce.log (13.8 KB)

Thank you, I see the problem! I’ve sent you a PM :slight_smile:

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