Billhook dodge count

Billhook having such high dodge count doesnt make sense, already a very strong weapon, can stagger elites on demand making only large packs a threat, so i’m wondering why it has such high dodge count. Most weapons that have 99 dodge are either lacking in other areas, Or high damage weapons have dodge count or distance lowered.

I’m not asking to change anything else to the billhook (because thats an entirily different balance question), just the dodge count doesnt make sense to me, and i love billhook.


Yup, I’m also on board with this change. I was completely shocked when I heard that it had an infinite dodge count. It should be on par with other strong, 2handed weapons.


You’re coming out with some bangers recently. :sunglasses:

I’m still super tempted to get into modding, and see if it’s possible to create a balance mod, so we can test this kind of thing.


That would be a cool idea, if we can change stats on weapons or change talent numbers, like a mini ptr :).

Yea, there have been some things i wanted to say, might take a break from forums for a while, it’s not the most fun place to be and can be pretty draining, especially if english is not your first language :slight_smile:

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Someone created a balance mod in 1.6. They changed a TON of stuff. It was very crashy though. It could be done.

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What would you recommend changing the dodge count to? Lowering it to 3x10 would maybe be too much of a nerf. 6x10 wouldn’t really be a nerf at all.

Oh im not sure about the exact count, i would say 3 or 4 maybe

Yeah. I could see 4 probably. I do think people tend to overvalue 99 /100 dodges. In my experience, 6 dodges feels almost exactly the same. If I were gonna nerf any dodge in the game it would be DD. 6x35 is way too strong imo.


Yes i know most players won’t notice it, who ever needs 99 dodges in a game, but it can still be used. Having 99 dodges on for example dodge talent whc is pretty good, and billhook wouldnt become a bad weapon either, still a top tier weapon.

It’s definitely not a bad thing. I’m just saying that 99 isn’t really better than 6 in gameplay, but it looks like a huge difference when looking at the stats. I think the best solution would be to change it to 3x20 or 3x25. Something similar to elf spear.


Billhook would still be a top tier weapon with the dodge profile of a 2H Sword.


I mean I really hate the dodge on it, and it doesn’t fit my play style. I think overall rapier is better.

I might have blanched at that haha.

I think 4 is a reasonable number given what billhook can do, as much as it pains me to say it.


I’d say it’s about time for another BBB. There’s still a lot of stuff untouched/not properly adjusted to WoM, weapons and talents alike. I’d argue to throw in a trait rework too. Just an even bigger BBB than the last (which is now 1y 5m old).


Yea i don’t understand why they don’t have some sort of test build where they can introduce changes and ideas and we can test them and then they can choose to introduce them into the live game, but with no time pressure like a beta where we get half ready talents or traits added into live game even tho lots of people give feedback but they are on some sort of ‘deadline’ and add it anyway.


billhook needs broader, wider block and do more damage, it takes lots of hits to kill normal enemies and block/psuh with is small

Of course they have one, thats where the old bugs come back from.
Also how much stuff still needs fixing and reworking, then fiddling with weaves, the excuse of seasons and lastly their scramble to make money with content, it will take at least another year or maybe 2 until we get a BBB. And then we’ll be at the end of the promised support time and tehy will go on to make another game.
It better not be a V3 tho…

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You need to be hitting headshots or getting crits to get high damage output since it’s multiplier for both is much higher than a normal weapon, I think 2.5x rather than 1.5x.

Billhook needs to be better actually. I want to use it recklessly on the Bounty Hunter

Witch Hunter is fine of course

Dodge count has diminishing returns IMO.
The difference between 6 and 99 is so negligible it might as well not be mentioned.

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