Billhook heavy attacks not doing correct damage?

Title. Damage seems off. And one is doing significantly more than the other?

Billhook being amazingly good at headshots was the first thing I noticed about it. Kind of assumed it was intended because the HS damage of spears and Halberd’s heavy thrust all seem high.

Also, gotta note that you’re on WHC. You ain’t using Deathknell, are you?

they can have different headshot modifier

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I am. I tried with and without.

Doesn’t WHC get intrinsic higher headshot multiplier? (Not referring to death knell). Have you tried with the other two classes?

I wasn’t really talking about the damage being high or low, but rather that the two heavy attacks have such different damage and the first does more than the second, despite the armory mod saying otherwise. I know the mod can be wrong, but still found it odd.

The numbers are correct, though very missleading. The headshot multiplier and foremost, the crit modifier, is ridiculous on billhook (and possibly broken, always the same high number, 151):

From the mod description:

  • Note: Damage numbers are based on body hits and do not account for stagger.

I’m guessing you are using stagger talent assassin as well as deathknell on WHC in the footage shown; as well as 10% vs chaos (correct me if i’m wrong, but i got the same dmg numbers with those modifiers).

This all together could result in way higher dmg numbers then the mod is showing, but also, the heavy attack dmg flips while it headshots. That may be the one thing wrong about this (apart from crits).

Further, the dmg in the mod is with low hero power, 150 to be exact (don’t ask me why, it’s not the lowest possible).

Here is some footage from Zealot without any modifiers, on body:

Dmg numbers check out:


Maybe dont use witch hunter with auto kill on crit headshot because that 151 its probably this


Well that explains it :rofl:
Thanks, mate! I was so flabbergasted by that number i totally forgot about that.


I was using the mod to make myself never crit(I stumbled upon it one day and it was amazing for stuff like this). I was using assassin and deathknell.

You’re right about the heavy attack damage flipping when it headshots. In your zealot video the body shots are doing low and high for the two heavies. The headshots do high and then low. Surely that flip isn’t intended?

Also, for that chart, there are the combo moves in white/lower case. Then there are the combo moves in all caps in the orange. Is the former body shots and latter headshots?

I can get only a quick answer out, but you don’t know about the calculator?
It’s an awesome tool, here have a link, you have to make a copy of it and can then work on it (google account required).
I’ll answer later to the rest!

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I always forget it exists, even though it’s fantastic. Thank you.

Sounds good!

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No problem, and yes, white box is body, orange and caps is headshot and red writing is crits.

I should change to that for testing asap, too.

We can only be sure if we get a weapon designer dev in here, it’s still a bug report for that particular problem. They’ll probably be on this in short notice, got 3 of my reports from 5 days ago acknowledged all together today.
I mean, the damage profile should be the same, right? No other weapon behaves like that. I think.

One would assume.
@FatsharkJulia Julia, the charts that JayJay posted show billhook doing low and high for body shots, but high and low damage for headshots. There is a flip in damage for the 2 different heavy attacks there depending on if you do body shots or headshots with the billhook.

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