Idea for dual wield weapons

So a lot of people feel that dual weapons are just stronger variants of their 1 handed counterpart but none seem to share the properties of said 1 hander (linesman, 10% crit, etc.). I think these properties could be incorporated into the weapon set but at a cost: dodge count. To me it seems silly to be swinging both arms and dodging around like a maniac without flaw because all dual wield weapons have 3 to 6 dodges. Drop this down to 2 or so but keep dodge range in exchange for increased offenses (effective cleave or crit chance). Thoughts anyone?


While I feel like this makes sense, I also know in my heart that the amount of rework required for this would be as much, if not more than the recent Big Beta Balance. I just don’t see FatShark doing this any time soon. This is one of the major reasons I criticized FatShark for ending the BBB so soon rather than playing around with different setups for couple months, and really optimizing combat.

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Would it though? Just slap some properties on the appropriate attacks and change a variable.

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