BIGGEST PET PEEV - No ending cinematic/cut-scene

After Skittergate it just kind of ends thats my biggest number one issue with the game. Unless the ending is DLC then that would skoot up to my biggest issue and chap my ass something fierce.


The unskippable ending cutscene on VT1 was a big putoff for people to play The White Rat. Although the end cutscene was good, it was also annoying and this is likely why ther eno end scene in VT2.

If you want sudden endings remember the end of the hidden DLC map Trial of The Foolhardy? Now that finished suddenly.

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Maybe they can set it up so that once you have completed skittergate, it unlocks a cinematic that you can watch from the main menu. Alternative, it can place an object, like a book for example, in the beginning castle that gives you the option to watch the ending cinematic.

Suggestion for ending cut scene: The heroes cut through the hordes of chaos and skaven and eradicate the heretics in a dance of death. They slaughter all including chaos warriors, chosen, greater daemons, and daemon princes, until they get to Archaeon the ever chosen. They then use their badass coordination and plot armor to completely annihilate him thereby ending the “end times”.
After the epic battle, it cuts to the heroes drinking at the Redmoon inn laughing about how easy that was and how, thanks to their efforts, Age of Sigmar will never happen.

… Also gamesworkshop retcons the lamness that is Age of Sigmar plotline and hires professional writers to write the fluff instead of leaving it to interns.

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