BH's Open Wounds and Shrapnel stacks

It doesn’t work on dummies, but on the actual monster they do stack.

It’s not due to stagger. I’ve tried it multiple times and I am certain; Open Wounds and Shrapnel do stack on monsters.

Shrapnel is supposed to stack with other damage boosts, however non-shrapnel boosts are not intended to stack together (i.e make 'em bleed and open wounds)


Hang on here a second, it isnt supposed to stack at all is it? Given that everything except Shrapnel has a line that goes “does not stack with similar effects”?

Isnt this a bug?

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Shrapnel is an exception to the rule.

An intended one

*Insert suspicious Saltzpyre stare *

It’s acknowledged. If it was intentional it would have been tagged as ‘not-a-bug’, so obviously it does seem to be one.

Sharpnel just doesn’t work on dummy. Try spawn a thing in modded realm.

That’s what I did. Summoned monsters, threw a nade, landed a crit, and shoot. The result is as how I decribed above.

I gotta say though that I didn’t know shrapnel doesn’t work on dummies. Thanks for the info. I guess that’s why it didn’t stack with Open Wounds on dummies, whereas on monsters they did everytime.

“acknowledged” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bug in that it’s not intended

could just mean that it not working on dummies is the issue lol

Maybe, maybe not. I’m more wonderous why you think that shrapnel is a clear exception to the talent description as you sound very definite about it. If the reason behind it is simply because it works that way for now, I gotta say bugs do work in their own way until they get spotted and fixed.

if my memory serves me correctly they specified in an old patch that the interaction is intended

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