Is "does not stack with other similar effects" should be removed? or stay?

  • Remove “does not stack with other similar effects”
  • Let “does not stack with other similar effects” stay

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Whats your opinion on this? I’m curious, maybe you have some arguments to convince others.

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My opinion is remove “does not stack with other similar effects”. I like to see things stack than not.


I agree, in a multiplayer game that is mostly based on Quick Play, 1 ability should not exclude others or make other abilities redundant.


Yea i assumed you hold that standpoint. I was interested in your reasons why they should stack.

Also if they all stacked, would you change them a bit or keep them as they are currently but just make them stack?

If the stacked buffs are way too strong, then those effects should be reduced (Like stacked value x 0.7? I’m not sure) when it’s stacked. If it isn’t. Just simply stack.

Everything would be too strong if they stacked. So nerfing but making them stackable would make them bad on their own but be strong when stacked in a team. Especially since alot of people play quickplay why would they gamble a talent or trait slot and have an underwhelming one if their teammates don’t use it aswell?

Also the same with whc tag, there are builds that can reach some bp’s with whc tag, but why would players go with that build in qp and hope they encounter a whc?
In a premade on the other hand, i could see this work.

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I’d say remove but also would want some max power/speed/ect limitations…which I hear there is just hard to tell and calculate especially with stagger in the mix and compounding effects vs additives.

Even though WHC and Huntsman are the only careers left that offer those damage buffs, enabling synergies between them would leed to insane power creep. All the memes about Skarrik, Naglfahr and Bodvarr being oneshots would have to include all other Lords as well if this change went through.

WHC, Huntsman, Shrapnel and you’re looking at 60% increased damage against a single target - without any further buffs like strength pots. Like wtf.

Shade with bleed damage, Shrapnel, WHC tag and Huntsman buff would even deal 80% increased damage against a single target. That’s a definite no from me.

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the problem with being able to stack multiple instances of “damage increased by 20%” is that it would absolutely trivialize lords and monsters…and let’s be real they struggle enough as is to stand up to the U5

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How about just making them stackable but nerfing the numbers so its not broken like stacking 20%+20%. Just the idea of stacking, how do you like that?

could live with it

mind you I think a few of our lords could use a buff anyway so if that actually happens then stacking wouldn’t be so bad

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Yeah I’d much rather Skarrik was given something a bit tougher than a paper shield and an old pair of undercrackers as his damage reduction.

Stacking is already something of an issue with some things like ambient heals+GK buffs stacking and so on. Stacking something like DR could make players completely immune to everything and anything for a while. Completely OP.


Isn’t it kinda obvious that numbers or calculation of bonus damage need to be adjusted in case of changing the stackability? Could be changed from additive to multiplicative for example as well as number tweaks of course. Anyways, the priority of the OP’s suggested change is trivial imho.

Well, that’s a way more important feature on the list, hopefully someday… in 2022 or so when Darktide is done :laughing:

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Its literally only one talent that dont stack with each other because its same for 3 careers bh huntsman and fk (I don’t think anybody else have it)

Oh and it does not stack with similar effect it means only that talent that have that description

Should be removed both because limiting synergies makes a gameplay more flat… and because I can’t control this problem. For example I can join, as Huntsman, in a match where there already is a WHC… so I waste a talent.

There should be a system to adjust and tune HOW these bonus stack… something similar like they did with damage reduction (even if I don’t like how now dmg reduction stacks, I prefer the previous method :stuck_out_tongue:)


He needs superarmor.

You know it does stack with whc tag shrapnell etc? It only don’t stack with talent that have description does not stack with similar effect :slight_smile:

The entire concept of +X% dmg stacking or not stacking starts at
Is the game designed around it? Are the enemy types designed around it
If they are it USUALLY means these effects are mandatory on high difficulties = enemy has such a absurd HP that onyl stacking % bonus dmg can make it doable
If the game ISNT designed around it we end up with scenarios like BH GK on Into the nest (not the case of bonus dmg but its the same principle)

All talents and traits that increase dmg by % SHOULD be removed and ONLY ONE class should have this as their niche. All other bonus dmg IF you cannot come up with anything should ONLY affect the dmg dealer NOT other memebers.
But bombs/abilities that for instance remove mass / stagger resistance like Flashbang are infinitely more usefull fun and obvious with ingame impact