Barrage not working with Alt attack of Conflag staff, and at all with Sienna's Flameweave staff

Stacking barrage with these two wasn’t an issue before the beta, and the current update. These points have been raised during the beta a while back, but I am saddened to see that Barrage still does not work with these two staves. Sure it procs on light attack for conflag, but it used to trigger for the circle attack as well.

The flamethrower has got it worse, as you can’t proc Barrage what so ever with that staff.

Now my problem with this is that, I can’t push my Lingering Flames BWiz to her limits like I used to before.


Hi debrion,

I’ve had a look and fixed Barrage. It didn’t activate on any area of effect weapons (Conflagration Staff/Fireball Staff/Hagbane Shortbow). It will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Thank you for the report.

Best regards,
Game Designer

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Thank you very much, this is a prime example of the communication we would like to see more.
We already had it in the beta in a few cases and it was a very positive experience.
Of course it cannot be expected all the time, but if you look at the current THP on cleave/stagger, where we don’t know if it was intended or indeed a bug, and it’s going on for 2-3 days and there is no official statement regarding it, it’s just falling back to the old ways that were promised to be improved…

Check the latest patch for changes to THP on cleave

Yes, everybody did that, but since you guys pushed cleave/stagger THP generation to parctically ZERO, everybody thinks it’s a bug, but, after this post of yours, it’s intentional.

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