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Zealot Lvl 30 - 290 Hrs



I don’t think this post should be on this Gameplay Feedback forum, but anyway.

This is the best weapon I got. But I use it on only Malice difficulty. It has not so good perk, even blessing is so so, I want some other blessing. And I don’t believe Heavy stubber at all, you should take ammo from your ranged guys, only good at hordes, recoil makes me can’t deal with shooters, etc.

This is the weapon I actually use. Perk is bad, base stat’s bad too, but blessing is good to go. I use it on Damnation and Heresy difficulty.

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That Heavy Stubber looks dope! Is it no good?

I would like to have suppress related blessing and toughness regeneration blessing over these blessing.

And, I can’t kill shooters far from me easily with this gun, I can kill a few elites with it, but still it has trouble to deal with Bulwarks, and Crushers which they are quite normal on t4, t5. (someone said that ‘I control recoil of this gun to snipe sniper with it’, but I can’t do that with this gun)

So the gun is almost for horde, but normally, there’s a person who can deal horde better than me in random match (especially flamethrower zealots, I have played with 3 zealots who have flamethrower only on Heresy difficulty, so there’s no snipe dedicated person in that team.). And it takes too much ammo, you should share ammo with sharp shooters, and zealots. So I pick Rumbler up to knock down elites + horde, and kill shooters, and specials.

I mean some people can use Heavy stubber quite well, but I don’t think it has benefit over Rumbler.

Posting this one just because it’s ultra fun to use up to malice as zealot, can’t wait to get another better rolled one eventually to try further.

My only 500 roll for ; some blues that will probably reach that later.
When you just can’t be bothered by hordes and stuff.

Sticky grenades to monstrosities ; I wish it could be upgraded to specialists.

The wall

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Pretty lucky Emp’s gift. Not my favourite variant but pretty excellent rolls.

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Level 30 Vet. 130 hours, but only 65 in the last 2 weeks. Waiting for the crafting update to upgrade them.

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That first power sword is pretty dope!

I was really happy with it. I have another power sword with Power Cycler (Increased Energized Duration on Chained Energized Hits.) I’m hoping to transfer over when we can do it, but probably need to hold off until we see how the nerf hits it with the next patch.

Damn when i see so many weapons with good statline I feel like I am not lucky enought & I hunted the shop & Melks for days xD

still 2 that I like the most for now :cowboy_hat_face:

I really nead to reroll that carapace bonus :stuck_out_tongue: for something useful…

must rerol that crit perk obviously for something more useful…

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Only If it’s MK 2… continuous heavies can swipe horde.

Got a bunch of 370+ base stats weapons but never saw something with more than 380

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380 is currently the highest you can get for base stats!

quite happy with it so far as a veteran, cant wait for the reroll tonight. . :slight_smile:

I’m starting to get the feeling 380 is as high as the modifiers will go, I haven’t seen anything higher.

that is nice! the max level shattering impact is * chefs kiss *

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This is my child. It’s an absolute blender and takes apart hordes and large targets while keeping my Zealot on the move.

Brutal for rolling through groups of enemies or putting the hurt on single targets.

The additional move speed is pretty fun for doing rapid advances while laying down suppressive fire. Although Inspiring Barrage is a disappointment and needs to be replaced. (It doesn’t mitigate any incoming fire.)

Really good modifier spread for the Vet. I have a bunch of okay Vet gear, but nothing else that really stands out on stats alone. Although I have a lot of gear with blessings ready to be pulled to put on better weapons.

Just opened sire melk, 381?


That’s really surprising, usually his gear has lower modifiers.

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Wow, 381 havent seen that yet. Would be an insta buy for me. The blessings are top notch. Though I wonder about the “low” modifiers.