Berserker Monster can't be rolled on charms

Only problem is that other combinations that are always inferior - like infantry / armor - are still possible as well.

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the goal is to waste your resources for nothing

The breakpoints are just one - and rather expert - approach to combinations. Incadescent’s experience is proof enough that this is a problem: obviously someone wants this combination and tries, considering him/herself unlucky.

So, it sucks as a matter of principle and it sucks from the perspective of players who really want that combination.

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Well, come to think of it, it is possible one might only need the 10% vs berserker to hit a breakpoint then choose to spec vs monster for boss DPS, so I guess it might not be a completely pointless combination.

Still think it’s fine for it to not be in the pool as long as this was communicated clearly to players, but obviously that’s not the case here.


Even in your scenario: Skaven / Chaos gives you the exact same amount of bonus vs. Berserkers & Monsters, with the added benefit of giving a bonus against every other enemy in the game as well.


tbf the only reason I was rolling for it was for memes, it’s not something I’d roll for ever otherwise


True, had a brain fart, thanks for correcting.

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