Being forced to play with gamepass and xbox players is killing the game for me

Being forced to play with gamepass and xbox players is killing the game for me.

Changed my review to negative till you actually make an option to disable matchmaking with these clowns.

I don’t care about new players since, y’know, they’ll learn, but it is a little annoying that they apparently can disable matchmaking with Steam but Steam players can’t disable matchmaking with Xbox/GamePass.

No one is forcing you to play with Xbox players (who are hit or miss like everyone else, even true level 300+ players). You can always:

  1. Get on the Discord to make a premade and demand that everyone prove they’re on PC before you get in game.

  2. Try to make a PC supergroup in the Mourningstar or Merge Striketeam with anyone that’ll have you.

  3. Grow friends

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Lol are you Hedge’s alt account? He said the same things to people complaining about penances

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I thought word was that Hedge left FS?

Yep, seems legit.

AFAIK he’s listed as former CM on this very forum, idk if he’s been reshuffled to a less public-facing role or just straight fired.

I mean they’re right though :person_shrugging:

How little expectation do we really have for people in a coop game to be socially functional? You literally can go find/form groups if you don’t like PUGs.

Which isn’t to say I disagree it’s odd the choice only exists one way. I do think it’s pretty comical how OP has presented this as such a dire issue. There are issues with the crafting system forcing newer players into higher difficulties for passable rewards. There are issue with lacklustre in game social systems. There is debatably issues with difficulty gating, and especially the game properly preparing you for/ making it clear what you’re getting into with higher difficulties. All these things make much more sense to me to address than “grrrrrr Xbox bad, negative review for you Fatshark you naughty scallywags”.



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