Being expected to carry is not fun

So many times I have joined a game only to realize that the people in my squad are underpowered and I am overpowered for the mission. Sure it’s fun to be the guy that’s smashing through everything and your squadmates appreciate your level clearing ability. Now this normally wouldn’t really bother me as we all gotta start somewhere. However lets say I trigger a daemonhost, whelp gg, end of run it’s been fun I guess… Or even if its any number of bosses if you only have one player doing the vast majority of the damage and they are either downed or not close by it’s a wipe. This is supposed to be a team game where you rely on your teammates and you feel like trash if you are the one bringing your squad down. There needs to be a some kind of limitation on what difficulty players can join based on gear level or other stats. If I am joining a game with higher than sedition difficulty and my squadmates are level 2-6 I will just leave to prevent myself getting frustrated. I don’t want to get riled up and mad at the players when its not their fault the system is broken.

The level requirements for higher difficulties need to be increased I agree.

Level doesn’t mean much. I just finished a game with a level 26 vet who had clearly no idea how to play the game and it was unbelievabky frustrating.
I’d rather have a level 13 with a couple hundred hours of VT2 Legend experience than a level 30 fully stuffed who discovers tide games and levelled in difficulty 2 missions.
Unfortunately there is no in-game mechanic that would allow filtering that.

Level doesn’t mean much. I just finished a game with a level 26 vet who had clearly no idea how to play the game and it was unbelievabky frustrating.

This is a logical fallacy I think. This is like saying “Some doctors with both hands are bad surgeons, so having hands doesn’t mean much for being a good surgeon”.

Being high level in no way stops you from being an unskillful, unhelpful player - because they’ve just played and earned XP and not improved.

However, it does not logically follow that level has nothing to do with it. Players improve at different rates, and reach different plateaus of skill - and it directly corrolates with their level, i.e. how much time they’ve put in.

Also, the class feats and available gear (traits/perks on weapons, weapon damage from gear score, number of curio slots for buffing toughness and health) are huge, and all locked behind levels.

There is no doubt that the level reqs for Heresy and up need adjusting. On average, my experience is that if a team isn’t all around level 20 or above, the chance of success on Heresy is pretty low.

The fact that a minority of absolute nutters are able to do Heresy on their level 6 characters does not mean it’s a good standard to apply ubiquitously, it leads mostly just to frustration where people L25 keep having to back out of lobbies because they get level 8-15 players who are absolutely not equipped to deal and avoid damage on Heresy.

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Not exactly, as I’m saying “Level doesn’t correlate to skill”, which here would be “Some surgeons have their medical degree with no experience, and I’d rather have the butcher who’s been stitching up bullet wounds for 40 years to remove mine.”

That being said, of course I agree that level does correlate to equipment rating and quality and that also matters in a Heresy game - and yes I think the level requirements should be upped a tad.

Next issue will be players relying on overpowered meta gear to power through difficult levels without needing to climb the learning curve ; but let’s leave that for way later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s a big difference in contribution, stat wise, for varying levels, not to mention supporting traits/feats. Lower levels really shouldn’t be allowed to queue T4/5, and it’s not all about personal skill. It also has a fair bit to do with general experience with the game, which is not the same thing as skill, and preparation for what’s coming in each specific level. 20 at the least for Heresy, imo. 30 for Damnation goes without saying.