Becoming Loathly de incentivized to play the game any longer

The blue screens and disconnects on consoles are unbearable, and you have sent no word on when connectivity patches are incoming for consoles specifically. I’ve posted before and received the standard PR response so i am struggling to believe you will provide any information to the community that’s worth a good goddamn. Please prove me wrong by releasing hard evidence as to what you’re doing to fix these well known problems. Respect your community, even us “filthy console peasants” even though we’re lesser human beings than you.

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Indeed , we encounter allot of problems. We can’t recommend this to friends because of the issues and crashes.

All we ask is to fix these.
And add a minimal HUD or HUD modifier to the game. I mean the HUD takes up 40% of the screen space …


Which platform are you playing on Elderly? PS4 or Xbox One?

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I am on the PlayStation4 entertainment system miss Julia and the issues I have spoken of are widespread affecting nearly everyone I have spoken to. What gaming platform do you choose to play the game on if I may ask? And have you experienced anything similar to that which the community has brought to light the last few weeks? I.e disconnecting, severe lag, inability to even log in.
Mr. Hedge responded to my last inquiry but I found his response to be very lacking in any real and pertinent information. I’m beginning to believe that you all just don’t care about your playerbase on console, and I mean why should you, you have our money already and can just laugh at us all the way to the bank, anyways self deprecation aside we just want answers. Please advise.
Post script: Pleae note I bear no ill will towards you and yours or your organization, it’s just that gaming media is not inexpensive and most folks have to save up and commit to one possibly two titles a year, and when folks purchase a $54.99 title and it doesn’t perform we feel betrayed and lied to.

Personally I own Vermintide 2 on all platforms but I use PC the most as it’s what I’m accustomed to. :slight_smile:

Our console crew are very aware of the severity of the issues plaguing our PS4 players and a patch is in the works as we speak! It’s their highest priority.

I don’t want this to sound like too much of a canned PR response but we do absolutely care and I apologise for how long you’ve had to wait - with the Christmas break and all we haven’t been able to address these issues as quickly as we would’ve liked to. I can appreciate that actions speak louder than words and although we don’t deserve any more of your patience, I ask that you please bear with us - a patch will be with you soon!


Thank you Julia we just want to get all our friends into this game because the rush this game brings is something very hard to find in any other game. We love and support this game. I’ve been playing since v1 and got the ultimate edition for v2 to support you all. We just want to see progress in an update not a step backwards. Me and a few guys from ps4 community do a trello bug report board and post on here.


If u need quality assurance testing I know a few guys that would live to test before putting out some of these patches

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That was all I wanted to hear thank you so much Julia. The fact you replied like a human being instead of a pr representative gives me hope for the industry. And I apologize for the harshness of my last few posts my rage got the better of me. Thanks again miss.


Amen to that, the thrill of battle and the glorious last stands with my bros is why we play and we’re of the opinion v2 is the best co op game period. It’s just really tough to be hopeful for the industry nowadays because there’s so much anger and greedy folks who really only want to do you harm. I don’t want this game to end up like one of those horror stories you hear about where a company just straight up cuts losses and runs off with their customers money. Fatshark hasn’t done that mind you but because of the state of the industry I can’t shake that fear.

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Thank you, Julia! As ElderlyIronBreaker stated, this is all I needed to hear as well. When I can play through a match, it’s a blast! I find myself only taking a break until a patch comes out.

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