Beasts of Nurgle are kind of cute

I love the way they get all excited when they spot you.

They’re like big stupid puppies that eat you, walk you half way across the map, then spit you into a group of ragers.


Did you know you can slide on the slime trail? Get a run up and start your slide just before it and you will perma slide all the way along.

weeeeee :smiley:


Really? I had no idea. I usually try to avoid it as I thought it caused health corruption. I’ll have to try that next time I’m on. Thanks!

I wonder if its intentional…

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dunno careful you dont get eaten :slight_smile:

Worst slip-n-slide ever


Beasts snacking on non-taggable nurgle followers is great but I wish it’d eat more. How funny would it be if it started eating that Reaper while it was pinning your team down.


It’d be pretty cool if chaos monstrosities were more of a berserk threat on their own lines like that, even Plague Ogryn. Just savaging anything between them and the players.


I wasn’t meant to be shitposting. Just a little bit of positive feedback. I’ll dump all over the things that I don’t like, but telling them what we do like helps too.


Beast is more of a boss than the plague ogryn, but I think he just needs that plague furnace utilized as a mechanic. If it was his weakpoint he wouldn’t be so easy to face tank in melee while beating on him, you wouldn’t be able to reach it. Maybe it could have a passive debuff building that quickly resets when a certain distance away from it too. If they fixed stamina resets to not be tied to dodge it could be draining that to make it more of a threat to fight.

idk I feel like the plague ogryn could be better, or maybe there’s just too many VT2 vets playing since they always go steal aggro and 1v1 it until death no hit unceremoniously. At least we need new tactics to deal with the beast.

Eyup and it is indeed true to lore:

“Beasts of Nurgle are huge, happy, slug-like creatures that slither across the battlefield leaving a trail of slime behind them. They incarnate the Plague Lord’s bountiful excitement and show a friendly nature utterly at odds with the consequences of their presence. The beasts are propelled forward with undulating ripples and clawed flippers, and include fronds of writhing tentacles that sprout from their blob-like heads and which expel vomit-inducing gasses, clouds of flies and deadly fluids; these poisonous tentacles they use to hug and wrap the playmates they find in battles, unwittingly causing their deaths. Once their “friend” lies inert, the Beast searches for a new one to play with.”

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