Nurgle Beast regenerates very little health when eating infected

I was very excited when they presented the new monstrosity (Chaos Spawn) currently for our squad it is the monstrocity to which we fear its appearance the most, such its incredible abilities among them when it grabs an ally and begins to regenerate considerably health giving bites.

In this way, the danger of chaos spawn greatly overshadows the participation of the 2 remaining monsters, secondly the beast of nurgle, which depending on the situation can be very destructive and finally the infested ogryn is the easiest to defeat.

for which I would suggest starting to improve the other monsters, the nurgle beast to completely devour a poxwalker or zombie regenerates very little life, I attach a video, the health that it will regenerate is very little and it takes a long time such an action that apparently makes it harm itself.

oh something impressive also happened to us in a game, the beast of nurgle ingested one of our allies permanently, which allowed it to ingest a second character it was very unexpected xd, but it seems it was a bug, however it would be a good improvement to add that characteristic

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