Battle Wizard's "Tranquility" still needs little buff

Played battle wizard(Conflagration Staff) in Legend for a while,here’s my personal feelings:

biggest charge attack against horde :ballot_box_with_check:

littlest charge attack keeping intercept stormvermin and chaos warrior :ballot_box_with_check:

in chaos situation(like boss and horde come out at the same time), hit and run , against horde alone :ballot_box_with_check:

Fire Walk cant do good damage,but it can knock down horde/packmaster/gutterrunner,help you to revive teammates :ballot_box_with_check:

Conflagration’s normal attack is good at kiling Mauler/Plague Monk/Savage,also it can damage special enemy if its necessary :ballot_box_with_check:

low health but with AOE killing and necklace(30% healing effect),battle wizard will still gain much temporary health :ballot_box_with_check:

So I think Battle Wizard is a perfect fire support hero,not like Pyromancer’s high blast damage with precision strike,Battle Wizard is focusing on control and intercept enemys.

ONLY ONE THING i cant really enjoy is her Passive Ability “Tranquility” ,its weird,its too slow,if I want to use Tranquility to remove overcharge or Level 15 talents,I have to wait for 8 SECONDS…

When horde comes,8 SECONDS is not short at all.

And when my Battle Wizard got high overchage and my Fire Walk(Talent:burnout ) is not ready, why not cost temporary health to remove overcharge? its much faster than Tranquility and its also much safer than you think.

Battle Wizard’s everything is almost fine,but Tranquility? I ONLY DOUBT this.

My build:

Melee:Dagger( Block Stamina Cost 30%,Push/Block Angle 30%, Parry ) or Sword (can pick up Crit Chance 5%)
Staff:10% infantry,10% chaos, 20.0% less overheat
Necklace:20% health,Block Stamina Cost 30%,effectiveness of healing 30%
Charm:10% infantry,10% chaos,50% duration of potions
Trinket:10% Cooldown reduction,33% Curse Resistance

A simple fix would be to reduce cool down to 5 seconds and have it reset on melee kill, boom done.


Or remove the “not casting spells” thing. Your uber-fast spell charging is still heavily limited by your overcharge and it would allow BW to actually be a spell-slinging CC-glass-cannon that could keep pace with Sienna’s other carreers.

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