Battle wizard suggestions

Some Battle wizard suggestions.

  • Centered talent: Using centered over the other 2 venting talents is like 2-3’ish seconds faster to vent a full bar once Tranquility is active. The only thing where this talent is “better” then the other 2 is when you can fire spells while tranquility is active, So for example: Holding beam staff’s beam on a boss you can hold it longer on it before having to vent, but its not even such a big improvement. This seems very lackluster, unless i’m missing other cases where this is usefull, haven’t really found any.

  • Immersive immolation: Please make it work on beam staff’s shotgun attack. It didn’t work when it was released and still doesn’t. Unless its intended.

  • Burnout: Reduce burnout’s timer to use the second ult to 5 seconds. Currently its way to long, overshadowing volan’s quickening by alot. Burnout should be an ult where you have to use the ults in quick succession. It would probably still be a top pick, purely due to its mobility and fact to stagger 2 times, but it would help lessen the shadow it’s casting over volan’s quickening while also making a bit more sense for burnout’s identity without harming it too much.

  • Kaboom: Make kaboom actually do more damage then burnout. If we compare the 2 below.

kaboom / Burnout

Bigger radius / Smaller radius
Does 6x6dmg / Does 3x6dmg per burnout use, so total 3x6dmg + 3x6dmg
One usage / 2 Uses
Less mobility / more mobility
Bigger stagger area / Smaller stagger area (same as radius basically)

I tried to test the radius differences, and its basically around the spot 1 slave rat takes. It was pretty scuffed so don’t take my word for it, might be wrong here.

Unless kaboom’s more damage comes from it being able to reach more enemies, so having a higher effective damage then burnout because it affects a bigger area, but i think this shouldn’t be the only thing, i feel like it should have higher damage on its dots. If people are worried about powercreep, reducing burnout’s dots is an option.


Would be really curious if anyone knows of any builds that use this talent. Can’t see any reason you’d take it over Unusually Calm if you just want more staff uptime.

Haven’t done any testing but from just using it it really seems like they nerfed Kaboom too hard. I personally don’t think Burnout or base Ult should stagger monsters but from memory it does, so I’d make Kaboom the only Ult choice that can do that for starters, and maybe up the radius a touch more and it’d have an alright place I think.


The controversial suggestion! :open_mouth:

I feel like removing boss stagger from burnout would be a pretty big nerf.

On the other hand it would give some more choices and maybe more reasons to pick kaboom.

On the other hand? I think this isn’t whats needed to make kaboom more attractive. I’m still of the opinion increasing ( or lowering burnout’s) kaboom’s dot dmg a little bit + reducing burnouts timer might be a good way to start and see how it goes from there.

Another idea, would be to just lower burnouts radius a bit, this way there is a bigger noticeable difference between the area it affects, while also making burnout less of a cc tool. Just an idea though.

Or you know, go very simple and easy (which i’m not really for but would be interesting to see how it plays): rework volans quickening into the stagger ultimate, big radius, big stagger; make kaboom do more damage + high radius but removing the stagger; burnout, low stagger high mobility, fire trail?. Basically would be like unchained’s ultimates, stagger, dmg, support.


Maybe it is controversial but I’m not sure why a very good escape Ult that also does good damage also needs to stagger bosses :sweat_smile:

I’d agree more damage for Kaboom is apt, the stagger thing is mostly just that I think it should feel impactful to match the theme of the talent, and it’s hard to do that when the base Ult has such strong stagger to begin with.

All your burnout change suggestions sound reasonable to me.

At the end of the day a bit more damage and radius would be enough to make it appealing. Don’t really know what do about Volans, maybe make it vent overcharge as well? Is that too much?

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Yea i understand. I just feel like the stagger on her ult is her ‘unique’ feature. If removing boss stagger doesn’t impact the stagger of elites, i guess it could work, not really a fan of it though, but i understand the argument. Not really sure why i don’t like it though.

Volans (or volcans?) quickening, making it vent overcharge would be pretty strong not gonna lie. Ideally it should be changed into something else, because even by reducings burnout timer, i feel like it would still not really be used.

Not sure why cdr on ult is so unnapealing on battle wizard. On every other career, cdr is pretty strong and a top pick most of time. Even when i try to imagine burnout getting nerfed, i still gravitate towards burnout, even if it might be worse.
5 sec burnout timer might make me choose volans more, even if burnout might still be the better rescue mobility tool. Honestly not sure what it needs or if it even needs anything to begin with.


If I remember correctly, staggering monsters is basically just a checkbox, nothing to do with actual stagger strength, so yes very much possible to remove boss stagger without affecting its overall stagger power.

Yeah Burnout is just such amazing utility it’s hard to compete. Volans might be good if you only ever used your Ult to escape, but it’s such a good stagger and reviving tool you end up using it proactively more often than not, and burnout just fits that use very well. Alternatively to venting, perhaps Volans can instantly activate tranquility? Would give it a touch more utility and maybe also make Centred a little more worthwhile? Though would probably end up being more so a strong option for rechannel + volcanic builds.

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If it doesn’t affect the stagger power, i could see it work. Should have to play with it to know for sure.

Your idea of volans activating tranquility is pretty good. Yes, that would be way better then just straight up venting. Wouldn’t be as strong as venting an entire bar + it would open up synergies with rechannel volcanic ( like you said). Centered would still be not really noticeable or worth to pick over other options. However it might be picked over unuasually calm by some if using volans.

Good idea tbh, thanks for suggesting that.

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To be honest I almost feel a little scared suggesting anything that could be a buff to BW, she’s already got so many rock solid builds compared to most classes and it’s not like rechannel volcanic builds need any help :sweat_smile: A dead talent is a dead talent though and synergies are fun so long as they don’t become oppressive, so I’m glad you like the idea.

All the balance talk recently has got me pretty pumped for the next balance beta they mentioned some time back. Hope it’s coming before the end of year but who knows :man_shrugging:

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Yea battle wizard is in a pretty good place. Has good build choice aswell.

I hope next BBB they take changes step by step, especially because i would like to see how every change plays. It difficult to imagine how much of an impact a certain change might have in a game.
This would take alot of time though, which i don’t think they really have.

Resetting rechannel on ult would be strong for volcanic builds, but i might be willing to reduce or remove cdr if it ends up being too strong when testing it. Resetting rechannel would be great to charge spells instantly but you would still be kinda limited to heat and it would only allow for 1 more insta charged volcanic spell every 24 secs with cdr? and like 36 without? not sure on numbers here (which is pretty strong, don’t get me wrong).

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Yeah I dunno kinda impossible to say without actually playtesting. Instinctively I’d say CDR could stay or take a minor reduction and Burnout would still be the most common pick on all but a few builds, but again speculation only goes so far unfortunately.

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Remember when one of those 3 end talents were remove all the overcharge?

Sorry maybe I’m a bit out of date, but I thought the meta was to take kaboom, because else you would blind your teammate so much ? I remember a while ago trying with my friend and we came to the conclusion that we often got hit if the fire wall was visible. What do you think?


I think you can anticipate horde movement, and for any enemies that really matter you can ping so it doesn’t matter. Also, I find moving behind the fire wall makes it way easier so you engage the enemies as they come through it.

If burnout is too blinding for you and your friend, then i would suggest kaboom. There is nothing wrong with choosing kaboom, its just underwhelming in comparison to burnout currently, this doesn’t mean you should choose the best option. If the fire trail blinds you, stick with kaboom.

If you want to go burnout, but don’t know how to use it without blinding teammates, i could suggest some things.

  • Lower bloom and particles (idk which one is responsible, prob both)
  • Don’t fight in the fire trail (spatnack suggestions)
  • Tagging enemies (also spatnack)
  • Ulting at your feet, like slayer does with crunch

I haven’t really had an issue with fire trail blinding me, but then again, i play on lowest possible settings.
Hope this answers your question

Yea the old burnout if i remember correctly. I don’t really remember how it played, but the other 2 talents were pretty bad aswell.

You had:

  • Cdr reduction
  • fire trail lingers for longer
  • Remove all overcharge

I mean, not really a choice here.

Also battle wizard didn’t really have volcanic or famished flames, so it might of been fine then, but i would say it would be too strong currently with those talents.


Even at minimal settings I find the fire annoying. I wish there was just an option to disable fire effects completely. Makes me miss the bug where IB’s Drakegun spewed forth invisible fire.

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