Barrels sending players flying is not fun

On that topic why are players sent flying so much harder than mobs?
Small knockback would be fine. Being blung 20m across the platform into a chasm is lame.


I disagree. It is hilarious, especially since it is typically very avoidable.


I think so too.
Barrels are loads of fun, should probably do a bit more damage to enemies.





But yeah, no, barrels are fine as they are. They’re both beneficial and a hazard and also add some spice in general. God knows the game needs it with the lack of secondary items to find in levels. (No ‘potions’? Stims or something?)


Should at least be possible to toss them in VT then…

Worst part is when the server is lagging and you get flung towards the barrel

The fact that they’re more of a hazard for players than enemies is disappointing. If someone on the team gets blasted into oblivion it’s a teamkill in a coop game, which seems the wrong direction. Explosive barrels in a shooter is also a major cliché. I doubt they’ll go away, so I’ll continue to enjoy using them to launch myself across the maps at enemies.



Yellow barrels is the best part of Darktide.


Ogryn should be able to throw them that’s a good idea (if that’s what you meant)


If you’re not using barrels to launch yourself into the middle of packs of enemies, you’re doing it wrong.


Ive tried to fire myself straight up into the air… it didnt work out very well lol

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I wouldn’t mind it so much if we could pick up and throw them. Or at least tag them. That way I can indicate to teammates I’m going to shoot one if strategically placed.

Also make them a bit more consistent on when they trigger. Sometimes my sword hits it and it just ignites and sometimes it just immediately blows up on my face.


Personally I like them. Causing some fun moments.
I do agree on that it should fling enemies further and maybe us a little bit less than currently, but not by much.

yes, i agree.

making friends fly, and potentially killing them , doing it with randoms,
and accidentally doing it with yourself is funny!

hell, ive seen streamers use barrels as movetech on t5 with an ogrynn :rofl:

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flinging my mates off the map in damnation is currently the only endgame for me


You’re not alone OP. The barrels suck, there’s too many of them and they do more harm to the player than good. Pretty annoying when lone enemies stand right in front of them causing you to have to be more careful not hit the barrel. And the fire from the red barrels either cause you to crash or eat all your toughness + some health. I feel like most the barrels are there just to slow the team down.

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Enemies can’t light barrels.

Explosions (from friendlies) don’t blow barrels.

Only teammates actively hitting (with ranged or melee) a barrel pops them. They’re fine.
Just watch out for overzealous Zealots flaming indiscriminately and you’re fine, OR pre-emptively blow barrels if you’re worried about them.

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I enjoy watching a teammate fly off the bridge from time to time. Do there need to be so many barrels though? They’re everywhere. Who is the guy moving them around? Is there some poor Nurgle schmuck who’s only job is to lug explosive barrels around to the lowest sewers in the hive, just in case someone decides to sneak in that way? Where do the barrels come from? And what’s in those barrels that’s so explosive? Maybe one of the new missions could be to find the Manufactorum where they make these insidious barrels.

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