Barrels Are Awful

They serve literally 0 tactical purpose and send players careening through the air for no reason. Why does the fart cloud of an explosion kill absolutely nothing while throwing me or an ally of the map? The design is frustrating for no benefit. The knockback needs to be greatly reduced, end of.


I make use of barrels pretty often. Red barrels will actually kill most enemies 100 to 0, and the explosive ones will often help knock down entire squads of maulers, bulwarks and crushers while kiting them around. They’re actually incredibly helpful.

As for the knockback on allies, I think it’s fun and should stay. Just another thing to mix up the gameplay a little


Barrels being glued to ground is a giga downgrade, I wanna be able to pick them up like it were vermintide 2, hell let me carry them around so I can chuck em at groups of guys


I love barrels but also love the above suggestionss. Seriously sometimes fighting a horribly designed boss like BoN solo a line of barrels through an area are your best friend. 3000 unyielding damage and 900 to carapace armor.

I agree that barrels are more often useful than harmful. However I don’t like that the damage goes directly to the health. For example it creates inconsistent behavior of the burning ground for no reason.


It feels like barrels are supposed to be there as an environmental trap for players rather than something to be used as a weapon. Like, they’re really just a thing that limits your movement and attack opportunities if you don’t make a point of detonating them proactively.

They don’t really do enough damage to enemies to be anything other than incidental CC.


When ever people complain about barrels being useless and harmful, it is an issue of awareness and skill.

Maybe it is an issue on lower difficulty, because people are not as good at the game and lack the awareness, but i barely ever see any of those issues with barrels in the auric playlist.

Yellow barrels can be used to stagger bosses.
They can be used to knock over a bunch of dangerous elites.
You can open up a group of bulwarks with them.
You can use them to quickly blast away a few ranged enemies and you can even use them to yeet yourself out of danger.
Red barrels, you can use to clear a bunch of trash, soften up elites, or to lead enemies into a chokepoint.

You easily get 5+ of such opportunities in every mission.
Regarding the downsides of barrels, i only see a teammate (accidentally) being blasted away about once every few matches.

Unless someone lacks awareness and shoots a barrel next to a teammate, when it is a bad choice to do so, there is no issue with barrels.
Would be nice if we could tag them and pick them up though.


Just shoot every yellow barrel on sight. If colourblind, you’ll be forgiven for shooting all barrels on sight.
The red ones can be situationally useful, adittedly.
The yellow ones are a liability. Low damage, incredible knockback against a player, and in almost any situation where they’d be useful it isn’t realistic to try and hit them in time.
I very much agree they are meant to be a hazard that just happens to have situational use.

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I don’t like their knockback power on players. I don’t like how you often cannot see them and I don’t even mean some buggy spawns you can get inside walls.

What do you mean?
When they are completely hidden behind enemies?

Because i find that outside of that, they have pretty good visibility.

Hidden behind enemies, objects, fire, more fire, poor lighting etc. etc. Also unlike Vermintide, there is more of them and you cannot ping them. Barrels are bad troll mechanic. Nothing more.

I think they are actually a pretty good troll mechanic.
I laugh every time i launch my buddy off into the abyss.
And then i cry a little, when he does the same to me.

But outside of those cases, i really do not see many players flying around because of barrels.

Which is it then?! As you only ever play on Auric Damnation according to the other thread on Vet builds.

It’s a problem once every few matches, or it isn’t.

I see barrels as an opportunity, but I also steer clear of them whenever possible because the pugs behind me can’t resist shooting them for the boom. It’s the gaming equivalent of shooting a poxburster - can be good, but often it’s not.

I was saying “i do not know if it is an issue on lower difficulty, but it might be“.

I see a teammate being blasted with a barrel every few matches.
On flat ground, where it deals like 10 damage to them and maybe knocks them against the next wall or something…
That is not a problem in my book.

The frequency at which i see someone actually get killed because a barrel knocked them off the map, or into some bad situation, is incredibly low.
Except the occasions where a buddy and i purposely try to kill each other.

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I’d prefer a temp knock down/stagger where you get straight back up, rather than launching you into the air. Enemies don’t get launched in to the air afaik (sadly - though that would be fun). If you ever remember conc jumps from Team Fortress Classic, then sometimes it looks like them!

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Barrels are fine. but the yellow eye that appears after the destruction of the tentacles sometimes throws off so that you can fly into the abyss

I guess your tactics modifier rolled not high enough to see the purpose.

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I use barrels all the time to stagger and damage enemies. I almost always hit them when I see them now.

Barrels do suck because of their excessive knockback, which is more suitable for games like Fall Guys.

Everything else about them is way more tolerable.

I’ve been using them to knock down ragers and stuff because of their knock back/stagger! Definitely see why it’s be annoying though when it hits us