We don't need red barrels in every goddamn game

Are they even helping anyone? Feels to me they are just a problem that we don’t need to have.


This, so much this, half the time I get an annoying teammate just blowing up every single barrel for no reason.

They serve no purpose other than being part of a checklist for the average FPS.


I’ve used them a few times against enemies, but they’re mostly a hazard to melee players. Every now and then you’ll have someone blow themselves or their teammates off of a ledge. They’re really more of a hazard than anything. If we’re coming up on a barrel that might risk knocking someone over a railing I’ll often shoot it before we have to pass it.

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Yeah it is a very hard FPS cliche.
But it is actually very useful here.
I have used it many times to knock down specials or kill big groups. They are actually very useful and i don’t understand why people are not using them way more often.

Plus don’t forget that (dunno if this is intended design or a bug) you will not suffer much damage from them if a team mate or you explode it.


Just saying, some of them are yellow!
And i agree with Nihil, they can be very useful. The fact that people like the OP are complaining shows that some of us require a more tactical approach to the ambient.

I find them usefull too. The only problem I find (other than fly over the fences when they explode) is the hitbox. When swinging the eviscerator, sometimes it gets hit even when I can’t see them in the screen or the eviscerator is clearly away from them.

I use the barrels constantly and would advocate for the addition of more types of player-triggered environmental traps.

I’ve seen this happen a lot since barrels got super explody.

Yeah, there are way more problems with these barrels than any help.

And by problems, I mean accidentally hitting them and blowing yourself/allies.

That depends on the difficulty. The higher the difficulty the more damage they do, and they seem to bypass toughness and do directly health damage. Due to potential latency issues, they can hit a player when they’re nowhere near the blast range, or have the blast send you past the barrel as if you were on the other side of it potentially sending you into danger.

Yes, we do.

I blew my whole team of the ledge with one single barrel. The team chat was not merciful before I ressed them…