Barrage Trait Stack Inconsistency (PC)

Issue Summary:
Video provided. Barrage Trait sometimes does not activate refresh on stack count (when max) or when building stacks, thus requiring a second arrow to activate the trait. Not a new thing, just finally getting around to reporting it.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Build stacks using Barrage trait
  2. Refresh Barrage max stack

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Unusual (< 10-25%)

Additional Information:
The video provided was done by me. It’s unlisted, however you’re welcome to link/share it around if you wish.
Also, it’s very possible this is an issue across other careers, I just haven’t gotten around to testing them, yet.

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The reason behind this, I think, is that the “debuff” that is applied to the enemy (which counts as the “zero-th” hit to count whether or not you are hitting the same enemy within a certain timeframe) does NOT get refreshed by the actual powerbonus buff-stacks. So, you are hitting the same enemy within the time-frame the “zero-th” stack is applied (which I THINK is also 5 second-ish?), it applies the next appropriate buff. BUT, if this initial “zero-th” buff expires, the game considers the enemy you just hit multiple times in a row as “not hit” when refering whether or not to apply the next barrage buff-stack, so you have to refresh that “zero-th” hit again.

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