Barrage Trait on Beam Staff

So I Noticed That Headshots Frequently Fail to Trigger Barrage Stacks But Body Shots Always Do With the Beam Staff. It’s Inconsistent Enough to Make the Stacks Fall Off Sometimes When Hitting Constant Headshots.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    Hit a Target in the Head With the LMB Attack With Beam Staff.
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence
    Video Example

I think that’s how beam staff has worked and is probably supposed to.

If you consistently hit headshots without missing it will work and every fully ”charged” beam hit will increase the barrage stacks and also not reset the charge like it happens when you miss.

That’s why it apparently works on body shots, but if you intentionally miss every now and then the same will happen.

I’ve actually switched to heat mitigation now since it seems to almost never work with my playstyle. I usually swipe it across the heads of a wave and I’ve had some where it won’t trigger once. Seems to trigger fine on bosses where I can hold body shots for a while but that seems strange. I suppose we will see.

No traits work on the initial tick of beam staff LMB. This was changed in the Big Balance Beta to prevent the “wigglemancer” build. Then they proceeded to kill resourceful so it was moot point. However, the point is that Beam Staff doesn’t proc traits until you hold the beam on 1 target for 2 attacks. Same for hunter, resourceful, inspirational shot, etc.

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