Barrage trait on Fireball Staff

While having the Barrage trait on fireball staff (not tested on other staffs, maybe same problem there, too) and getting the “barrage-meter” up using only one of the attacks, p.e. the single target fireball, and than switching to the charged fireball, i need one extra attack of the same sort to keep the meter up.
It sometimes will even work the first time, but not the second time. It happens the other way round too, first only charged attacks, then not working with the single target ones.
Barrage in general seems to have hick-ups sometimes, not registering hits. It is also not triggered by indirect hits, like the AoE-dmg of the charged fireball, although i don’t know if that’s intentional, your pick.

Here are two videos, but you need to download them, not working on OneDrive:!AMM1IEGYob8EkEk&id=D2D2BB2AE543F7B9!109&cid=D2D2BB2AE543F7B9

I’m sorry for the quality, first time ever recording and uploading a video, ever.

console-2018-09-27-12.13.33-8FF1A6A7-EF4B-42BF-9494-8FA4.log (227.8 KB)

I can’t actually get either video to work even after downloading, but to shine some light on how barrage works right now for all weapons.

0th hit will apply a hidden debuff to your target for ~10sec. Every subsequent hit will give 1 stack of the barrage buff up to 5. These subsequent hits don’t refresh this hidden barrage debuff, which means that at some point during infinite attacks on the same target, one hit will once again be required to reapply the ‘0th hit’ and this won’t give you a stack of barrage.

Does this sound in line with what you describe for fireball?

The AoE component should also function properly with barrage, although there have been issues in the past while playing as client (non-host).
I’ve found no issues getting stacks from my AoE explosions as host testing several minutes ago.

You may have to use VLC…
Yeah, i think its more like 14-15sec, but good catch, did not notice that timer.
The AoE did not stack on my training dummies, can’t say more than that, though.

Never trust training dummies for AoE effects.

I would go ever further and say never trust them in any circumstances…

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