Barber-surgeon still not good enough

I was pretty surprised today to see that height, body type, personality and name changes weren’t added to the barder with todays patch, considering the demand for it.
I feel that after so many people have played Elden ring, which lets you change any every detail of your character down to you name as many times in as many ways as you like, having a character recreator with limited options just feels out dated. additionally the things about your character that you cant change: name, body type, height, and personality have the greatest impact on your character and gameplay.
on the topic of personality and height it feels weird that in this world where bodily augmentation and lobotomies are common place, i cant change those.
this is made much much worse by the leveling system, if i start to find my characters voice super annoying 20 trust lvls in i have to put up with it or start over, which is terrible.

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