Banned for nothing couse bug

I played game like always, and this writes me that i am suspicious and have “unknown game file version”, but i have usual steam file from STEAM.

I have bought this game two weeks ago for me and my friend, with all DLCs!!! And what i get for it? BAN FOR NOTHING?

In previous weeks me and my friiend have one crush of game every 2 days, but we ignored it and just restart game always.

Unban me, or GIVE ME ANY PROOF my “cheating”. I havent much silver or resourses or rare items. have only one char 35 lvl lol. I just started to play. I am not cheater and not like cheaters.

I can send to you my game file, if steam will not upgrade it with updates. - my steam profile.

What antivirus are you using?

This error is usually isolated to those using BullGuard Anti-Virus.

Choosing to add the Vermintide 2 directory as an exception should immediately resolve this issue, and can be done by:

Go to the BullGuard ‘Settings’ menu
Select ‘Anti-Virus’ -> ‘Advanced Settings’ -> ‘Tuning’
Tick the ‘Skip Files/Folders’ checkbox
Click the ‘Files/Folders’ hyperlink to bring up a selection
Choose to exclude the Vermintide 2 directory

More info can be found here.

This error does not indicate that your account has been banned. See @EnragedFountain’s reply above.

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