Bad Team Solution?

The single biggest problem I regularly see is a single teammate going out and getting themselves, thus everyone else, hurt or killed. It doesn’t seem to matter what difficulty this is on. Yes, sometimes the AI pulls a bastard move on us and wipes the lot. But I would rather that than someone doing the same by deciding they are going to go halfway back through the map to get a grim. Or race ahead to do the same. Or just wander off.


My suggestion; earn through consecutive successes the right to try either the existing higher difficulties or new tiers of whatever difficulty we succeed on which earn greater rewards.

Just a thought, but poor teamwork is the single reason I don’t play this more. So maybe there is a way to reward good teamwork without throwing idiots into the more difficult games.

There’s only so much developers can do about player behaviour like this. Short of having a giant flashing banner on screen that says “STAY CLOSER TO YOUR TEAM”, I’m not sure what they could do.

As a player, the best thing to do is try to add as friends the good players you do meet, and play with them.

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You can easily evaluate a team in the first 5 minutes.

If the team doesn’t work well together, they don’t know their role, etc, just leave and re-join a new group.

I usually do that about 5 times average before finding an actually valid and capable group of players.

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They even have voicelines indicating this:

“Sigmar guide me to my teammates!”


Stop re-positioning and generally trying to save greedy or unaware players. Instead, stay close to people with proper positioning and don’t risk your life for someone who deserves to be dead. Its a win-win: they get to learn (hopefully) and you get to save your run (hopefully). Not much more you can do (in pubs at least).

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My solution is to just play with bots. I’ve had a very high legend success rate but I usually take no more than 2 tomes and 1 grim. At the end of the map I’ll usually reactivate the matchmaking so people can join in and get a free box. Your bots have to be max level and using the right careers and weapons sets though. The bots often make stupid mistakes but the fact that they always follow you means you can get through most situations.

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Yeah, I’ve done a fair few bot runs lately. They’re very reliable in certain ways, but god help you if you go down. They can get truly flummoxed in that situation. I’ve had then all standing around me, staring at me as I die, and then after 30 seconds revive me.

I do still play with people, though, just felt like playing without people for a bit. After awhile the limitations of the bots really start to drag you down.

When I was a boy my mom put a rainbow pattern velco bracelet around my hand when we went to the mall. It had a coiled elastic cord that she held onto–a leash. Whenever I ran toward toys R us she would whiplash me back like a dumb dog. Maybe we could have rainbow velcro bracelets for recruit for people too silly to stay with their team?

The game already rewards good teamwork, its called upping the challenge with champion and legendary and requiring people to work together and avoid hitting each other. if you win you get increased chances at cool items and that feel good feeling of accomplishment!

It is not just recruit. And one bad actor can easily wipe the rest of the team even if they are doing great.

So my thoughts on a solution is:

We set up a hidden vote system at the end of the game. You can vote positive or negative for each player.

Then, once per month, Fatshark employees come out with black vans and abduct anyone with a low score. They then put them in rocks and send them into the moon to see if it is really made out of warpstone.

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I’d support this plan.

Only if it involves blowing up the moon afterwards and then hastily wiping away the canon to start the next series.

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I think i’ll start to kick sienna players on sight. Most “geniuses” got carried by beam memes and then they play legend and are absolutely clueless. I miss the times when waystalker was an absolute red flag.
By sigmar i miss QoL modpack with improved bots…

I’m not one to kick people for what they play, but I understand the sentiment here. Every game, it seems, where I have a beam Sienna, they want to kill literally everything (even something I am currently dealing with fine), and seem to suck when things get tough and they can’t just spam beam/shotgun to win.

I find that even though I am tanking, these players are too busy trying to make sure they have all the green circles and aren’t ready to take out specials when they spawn. It’s absurd when the Knight Kruber has the highest special kills at the end of the match because the ranged were too busy trying to mow down hordes to actually do their real job.


Yep. Spams the aimbot ult at the 2 slave rats, dies to the assassin behind him, proceeds to flame something or someone in chat or just rage quits. Rinse and repeat.