Backend error 1002 problem

STEAM ID xu87763379 熊猫(panda)

  It has been a backend error of 1002 for several days recently, and someone told me that it was blocked. I sent an email to EAC, and EAC told me that I was not blocked. Please ask the high carrier. I sent you an email, but you didn't reply, because I asked you to post a question here.
 I didn't cheat, but I did enter the cheating room and played for a long time. I am sorry about this. But this is for a reason. You often have a series of problems, such as server error, backend error, unable to settle, etc. It is simply unbearable. I will immediately check in, but suddenly I quit without reward. What do you feel, let alone this often? On the contrary, do you compensate the players? Is there a fair treatment for the player? I played this game, my right hand muscles got tendonitis, but still playing this game, you are ruthlessly killing the player's enthusiasm. So I entered the cheating room and died on the ground waiting for the victory to take rewards to make up for my dissatisfaction. As for other cheating problems, I can't answer you because I won't cheat. I just went into the cheating room and let her cheating staff cheat.

If this behavior violates your interests, then you have to ask if your server is offline, the backend is wrong, or you suddenly crash, but you don’t care, is it also infringing on our rights? Have you apologized? Have you compensated the player? The answer is NO.
I hope that the relevant personnel can see this and can respond. I will reiterate that I have not cheated, no. You can check if my computer has cheat software. As for all the rewards you get in the cheating room, you have the right to take back, but you must apologize for not having your service, and you have no right to ban my account because I have not cheated!
If you talk about human rights and humanity, you must think about each other, not always think about your own interests. The Chinese have a saying: the causal cycle, without your services not in place, I will not enter the cheating room and make myself easy to entertain.
English is not good, please understand, Google’s translation. Finally, I can unblock the account after seeing the relevant personnel. I will not enter the cheating room in the future, thank you.

Please reach out to us at and somebody will be in contact in the coming days.