Backend Error : 1000

Hi, I’m getting this Backend Error : 1000 and I can’t login. My steam profile is Steam Community :: honpa

May or may not be related; I only just saw this post after posting my own (see below). Seems like a big coincidence or a correlated event for these to be created around the same time. Glad to know I’m not the only one in the same boat…


Edit II: validating/verifying the files appear to have solved my issues for now. (Thinking it might have been related to the anti cheat thing?)

Will leave the logs up in case it helps someone else fix their issues. Thank you.

EDIT: First log is the initial crash:
console-2022-08-02-19.04.06-3d5c3f5b-24c3-480d-a8d2-e3b993cb8510.log (6.7 MB)

Second log is my attempt to launch it again, when it crashed before menu screen:
console-2022-08-02-20.48.41-c506016d-a017-463f-9d8b-deaf55b32f69.log (84.7 KB)

And lastly, here is my steam account if it is of any use:

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Ok so it seems like an actual server thing. I saw this old post “Backend Error 1000” and though it was a steam account issue.

Seems fixed now. Thanks.

i have the same issue. Steam id Steam Community :: Otaku_Rabbit

This seems to have been a temporary backend issue - which I believe has resolved now.

Can I confirm that you’re able to play again now without issue?

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