Backend Error 1000 - 02/08/2022

I currently can’t get into the game after the launcher currently with a backend error 1000.

I started the game successfully once this evening, went directly to claim the daily reward and as soon as I clicked claim, instantly had a backend error 1000 pop up which auto-closed the game. Following this, any attempt to restart the game, easy anti-cheat flagged that it couldn’t create a file. I have now rectified this by reinstalling easy anti-cheat.

To fix the backend 1000 error, I have tried;

  • Verifying game files (verified successfully).
  • Reinstalling easy anti-cheat (ran as admin; completed)
  • Disabling all mods
  • Rebooting

I can now get the launcher to open reliably again; but as soon as the game starts loading content after pressing “play” I instantly get backend error 1000 again and it closes the game automatically. Please advise on further steps I can try.

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Sorry about that! This appears to have been a temporary backend hiccup - which seems to have resolved itself now. Can I just confirm that you’re able to play again now without issue?

I was able to play yesterday after a couple of hours.

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