Back from the darkness with a suggestion for One handed weapon

Hey, I decided I shall go back to VT2 after seeing this nice DLC coming to us.
And as usual, I bring my share of more or less goodish ideas…

Keep in mind as I left I haven’t really keep up with the actual meta, so I don’t know the current state of each weapons.

Quick note, this suggestion comes from “I don’t remember you, please shake vigourously your arms up if you’re the one that said it first on the forum”, and I though starting a thread about it was a good idea.

With all the new stuff around “Special challenges” we’re going to have, we might see more puzzle items to carry around. What if the One handed users could carry it while still using their weapons ? This would give single Sword, Mace, etc… good uses in what looks like they want to put as endgame content. Single handed weapon users would be able to carry torches, or any other item with one arm, and cut and crush with the other.
As I said, I haven’t keep up with meta so I don’t know the state of Falchion compared to Falchion/Axe, but Saltz might become the favorite item carrier of the team (yes yes I know, heresy and stuff, we’ll deal with that later)…

Anyway, though on this ? Any of you want to see more puzzle items to carry around and solve it with the team ?

You make a good point, why can’t I dual wield a torch and 1h sword/axe?
I’d imagine the issue with that is now they need to reprogram/reskin the attack combos

Pretty much like @Para-Medic said, that would mess up with lot of the attacks. In its simplest forms, it should either disable heavy attacks or force tossing the Torch when attempting those ( I think disabling would be better, as most people are so used to certain patterns that tossing the torch would happen by accident frequently). Most pushes and many push-attacks would also be similarly affected.

If things went a more complex route (and I mean a lot more complex), every single-handed weapon would be given an alternate set of attack patterns to use with the torch. This would be a huge amount of work, though, equal to changing all the relevant movesets (as that’s what it would practically be), and would likely bring in a lot of extra size for the game files too. I think this option would certainly be too much work for the gain.

If FS decided it was worth the extra wok, though, I’d like to see this implemented, but I’m skeptical about it. After all, the darkness and torch-carrying is also supposed to be limitation, and if you can act normally while carrying light, it stops limiting your options.

2h weapons are already WAY worse than 1h weapons in many cases , so unless the former are buffed, and buffed a lot, giving 1h weapons additional benefits makes no sense balance-wise.

Just a side comment on reprogramming Visuals. I like the new block animations and some of the attack patterns of weapons, I’m just really disappointed that it isn’t reflected when viewed in third person. Instead they recycled the original patterns from the first game. That’s a bit lazy. Either port over everything from the first game, or if you’re going to do new animations in FP mode, it needs to be remodeled appropriately.

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