Autoclicker legality in Darktide

I use a script to automatically spam left click for light attacks in Vermintide 2. Can I use it in Darktide without fear of being banned? I’m asking because I know that Darktide has dedicated servers and VT2 did not, and I know both use anti-cheat systems. AFAIK I never got flagged in VT2 and I definitely never got banned for using a left click script.

I love the Tide series (been playing since VT1), but I actually struggled with some arthritis / carpal tunnel in my right hand in VT2 when playing fast weapons like the rapier prior to using a script. Taking breaks worked somewhat, but these games also tend to missions that can take 20 - 30 minutes and there’s no way to temporarily take a break in the middle of a mission without seriously hampering your team (as opposed to L4D2 where you can have a bot take over for you).

No. You get tendonitis like the rest of us.

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I saw them say it was okay in another post. Will try to find it later

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