At least I realize now, why the didn't give us trailer hats right away

They were saving them for challenges.

Which also means, that challenges were planned from the start, which in turn means, that the game wasn’t ready when it came out.

But that’s something we’ve known for a while now. Other things bug me, though:

  • Why didn’t they tell us, that they were going to release skins together with challenge system? This would have made us happy, relieved, hyped up and we wouldn’t be suspecting early DLC with skins
  • It seems, that these skins are available via commendation chests when you gather all the regular skins. If so, that’s a very very very bad news, since that devalues them completely. But that’s not accurate.

Overall I am glad, that these skins are finally in the game, and I think challenges is the perfect system for earning them. My only complain now, is that challenges are boring and are based on grind, not on skill. I would love something deed-like challenges with cool new modifiers, but I guess that’s too much to ask at current state of the game.

Good job, great skins :+1:

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The only reason I have here is simple and plausible: deadline.

Because I too, do not get why we get such an improvement in such a short amount if time, pretty much more than we have gotten throughout all the betas and post-release.

Not that Im not happy - just saying.

Fear of assumptions. :neutral_face:

I don’t want to sound like an ungrateful ass*hole, but when it comes to skins we just got recolored versions of the existing ones (talking about skins, NOT HATS). Now, I’d like FS to tell us if they plan to create totally new skins, because if you just paint a template skin with white and red that doesn’t make it a reiksguard, just as black and yellow doesn’t make it KotBS (although you did just that).
So I’m not mad, I’m not flaming, I’d just like to know if you guys plan to create new, unique skins.

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Made a typo in title.

But you’re right still.

I’m looking but I can’t find it lol, where exactly? :slight_smile:

EDIT, I think I found it.

Moar typos for the typo god!!! :laughing:

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