Assasin changing direction mid-air

No ammo Deed - screaming bell

On top the wagon that leads to the second grim. as I sidestep I can see the assassin rat’s jumping path turn into a curve of at least 25% degrees. looked like this ------/. Landed ontop me but was shield bashed of. Came back a moment later and the exact same thing happen again

They’ve got wingsuits now. Patched in at 2.1. They fly round corners and can also Spiderman-Backflip off tall buildings while facing in the wrong direction to land directly on your face.


God I hate assassins. They are the jankiest BS, and seeing them leap 90° from the way they’re facing or curve their leap never stops being annoying.

They act as if they were meant to be a glitch meme, don’t know why jumping in the direction they’re actually facing is so hard to program but here we are :frowning_face:


Blame the network connection. Case closed.

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