Assail nerf

Assail has a pretty good right click.

Use empowered psionics. You should be getting so many free casts the number of daggers you have doesn’t matter anyways. Play on Auric and have the talent that gives you an EP charge on elite kill or whatever.

Even pre patch i never ran the cooldown reduction supporting talent for assail because it wasn’t needed.


My sense is that assail is primarily of benefit when you’re running a staff like Pugatus or maybe gun psyker with an autopistol. Assail gives you a tool to deal with threats at longer range when youre primary ranged weapon isn’t well suited for that task.

That said, IMHO as a support tool for dealing with ranged threats BB is just way more reliable and effective, and dovetails with other talents better, that I don’t really know why you’d use assail at this point. BB with empowered psionics is pretty awesome.


The problem with Fatshark is the opposite. They are too trusting on player feedback at times (but only on things of this nature).

This is what I read in my head. Can’t help it, but Assail wasn’t even a contestant for main weapon. Not if you were serious to begin with.

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Bro, come on. People absolutely were using assail as a main weapon in maelstrom missions.

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And this is what I read IN THE PATCH NOTES

Can’t help it, but assail was acting as a third weapon but was never supposed to be one.

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Damnation too. Auric even. Pre-nerf, many psykers had their staves play second fiddle to assail since assail dealt with essentially anything that wasn’t armored and wasn’t a monster.

I had a brain fart and got “maelstrom” mixed up with “malice”

As a thought exercise (and because I don’t quite know myself), can anyone give me a one-sentence pitch on why you’d take Assail?

For comparison,

  • Brain Rupture: You can take out single targets at long range, with upgrades to improve chain casting
  • Smite: You can stun anything that isn’t a monstrosity
  • AssaIl: _________

Assail functioning like as a primary weapon was (IMO) stupid, but I don’t quite know what purpose it’s meant to fill. Pre-nerfs, I would’ve pitched it as something for quickly dealing with clusters of enemies, but I’m not sure if that’s still applicable with the LMB damage nerf (and personally, “quickly” isn’t a word I’d associate with repeated RMB casts)

I’ve had more than a few games with an Assail psyker, where I’ve asked myself the question “What ranged weapon is this guy using?”. I’m sure at some point during the game, they used it… but it could be so infrequently that it would’ve gone unnoticed.

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I don’t use assail but I’ve seen it decimate rager packs.

So? It wasn’t on the power level of actual real weapons.

The “not supposed to be” I take a great issue with.
Vermintide 2 sucks in the gameplay department compared to the early life cycle of the game and it’s precisely because of this mentality.
“Oh, this is a thing, it’s not supposed to be viable as another thing”
“Oh, this ability is not supposed to be that good at ability thing”

I don’t want to see all the fun stuff in this game nerfed because people don’t even allow random other people to have fun in a COOP game of all things.
This needs an attitude adjustment, not “balance” adjustments.

Assail’s LMB will still kill groups of enemies faster than almost anything else in the game. There is no better tool for wiping a pack of Pox Hounds, the first wave of a horde, a hallway full of Brutes, or a group of Shotgunners. Everything Assail did well before it still does well now, it just needs more time in between dumping all the shards. Assail also works well with both Warp Siphon and Empowered Psionics, unlike BB or Smite that both really work way better with EP than WS. It’s also much more responsive than Brain Burst, and can serve some of the same purpose with the right-click.

Smite’s stun is glorious, but is entirely a support ability and relies on everyone else to do the killing. If your team is otherwise distracted/dead/incapable/bad/etc, that can get awkward. Ask me how trying to clutch a run with just a Shield Ogryn and Smite Psyker standing goes :rofl:

At current I find all the Psyker Blitzes to be kinda lame.

Best way to play Psyker unironically is to spread points out to get every toughness and melee buff modifier and then go full melee shield Psyker. Not even kidding, it’s how I play them. It’s surprisingly effective.

Running +200 toughness, toughness regen on every hit and the dome is always with you. It’s insane how good it is and you can still take the fabled Voidstrike Staff with you to dish out double shots every 5 weakpoint hits.


They would not have been able to main Assail if it was not on the same power level as a primary weapon


If you looked at the numbers from the scoreboard mods and the amount of raw damage that assail was pumping out, it was BETTER than many primary weapons.

Could you call any tool, that helps you to kill enemies, a weapon?

Because I feel like any class in this game have THREE weapons. Except psyker ofc. This one blows people’s heads with survival kit…

The only reason I participate in these threads is because Psyker has one of the lowest barriers for entry as far as builds go.

Any time people start talking about builds that don’t require a blessing or godrolled weapon, I like to try it out.

So I am putting in time using the assail and the surge staff and, fwiw, Assail to me seems quite bursty. I can’t claim what the best build for it is, just that I didn’t feel like i was struggling left clicking into a gunner blob or using the right click to target a special the team hadn’t dealt with yet.

Fwiw the assail build was on a gunsyker with warp charges and another with trauma staff

Then tune damaga a little bit, or cooldown, or ease of use.
But not everything at once I suppose.

What devs do with actual weapons when they are OP?
Increase reload time? Or tune down damage?

I understand and get this. The problem is that Assail is too brain dead to use to ever justify giving a higher power level. The skill ceiling for it is like non existent. Psyker blitzes in general needs some help, besides BB I literally never use the other 2 ever.

I think you’d have a hard time using any other Blitz as a regular weapon compared to Assail. Even the ones that are necessarily completely limited by availability (Brain Burst, Smite, Veteran grenades with grenade talents, Big Friendly Rock, Blades of Faith), they are either (1) slow to kill, (2) limited by how many they can kill, or (3) cannot be quickly replenished at a moment’s notice*

*Unless you’re standing on a grenade/ammo box, which won’t always be the case.

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Assail feels almost no different, especially with the upgrade that makes them charge faster. Especially if I’ve right-clicked at all, it’s usually Peril rather than charges that limits how much I can use Assail.

The issue with Assail is that the right-click is not 2.5 times better than left click but it is 2.5 times more Peril. If they want it to be a viable alternative to left-click, it needs to either do a lot more damage or have a much shorter recovery time. The fact that in almost any situation, 5 left-clicks are better than 2 right-clicks means that right-click is simply too niche.