Assail needs to be cut down in half

The concept is really good as it is very helpful with horde. However, too helpful with everything. It is not supposed to take down a group of 5+ yellow elites almost instantly in T5. I suggest that we can only carry about 5 at a time to lower the spamability. What do yall think?


I like to use them but u right ! I use assail as a main weapon (no need secondary weapon with assail) and destroy nearly everything before my mates ! I steal all their kill second before dem ! Vétéran shot and zealoth rage against nothing but dead corpses full of assail holes…
It must be irritating !
Juste change assail reload Time so we cant spam dem !

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That’s a good point. I think it regens too fast, yes.

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Why do people constantly talk about assail, saying “it is supposed to be this” or “it is not supposed to be that”?

You do not design the game.
You have no idea what it is supposed to be.

If you have a personal opinion on it, sell it as that.
You personally would like if it was nerfed.
Do not act as if you are selflessly suggesting to fix an obvious mistake, that makes something work in an unintended way. Because that is not it.

Unless you are talking low difficulty, it is because of trash teammates.

Depending on weapon choice, veterans can 1 shot a bunch of enemies to the head, with no projectile travel time.

You can not kill maulers or any of the ogryn elites with assail, unless your teammates leave you alone with the enemies for half a minute or longer.

Psykers can pretty much do now, what the 3 other classes were able to do for the past year.
Boo hoo.


Hello sir. Why do you think they have Gameplay Feedback? Who keeps the game alive? Yes sir, the customers aka the players. That is why they need customer feedback to better understand their audience and enhance the game. Did they create the game to play within the company? They must understand how people utilize it, and yes a lot of people exploit it because it is OP. I am one of those who spec into Assail. Hight damage + auto aim um… you had to blame his teammate for not being good enough?

Correct me if I’m wrong but you want it to be this way right? Is there a reason you want Assail to stay this way?

For opinions like “i would prefer if it was different”.
Not for people like you to tell them “it is not supposed to be the way you made it”.

Yes. Because it is fun to use and nowhere near as strong, or even “problematic” as people claim it to be.
Although i would not mind if they reduced the auto tracking and changed it to the projectiles flying where ever you aim (following your reticle with tiny amount of tracking, essentially allowing to do what it can do now, but with more manual aim required).

The ogryn is incredibly durable, has amazing crowd control and can instant kill mutants with regenerating rocks as well as 1 shotting a bunch of specials and elites with the GG. You have infinite heavy cleave and can block unlimited amounts of damage with the shield. Ogryn can delete ACTUALLY everything (including full hordes, bosses and ogryn elites) with his shotgun.
I do not mind that (although the shotgun is kinda op).

The zealot can 1 shot bosses with ult, 1 shot mutants without ult and can run insanely fast. With crit/backstab build, you can have insanely low cooldown on your ult. The stun grenade can disable everything in a big radius while keeping the zealot fully mobile, allowing for completely safe mass murder as well as insane clutch revives. And every 2 minutes, you can get a few seconds of invincibiltiy + self heal, instead of being downed.
I do not mind that either.

Veterans can throw a free nade every 60s, which can simply 1shot kill every enemy and even seeks out crushers for you (krak nade). Or they throw multiple frag grenades at groups of ogryn, stagger locking them for quite some time and creating space for the team (and killing groups of bulwarks and reapers with bleeds). On top of that, you get wall hacks and highlighting for your priority targets (although heavily nerfed).
I do not mind that either.

All three other classes can do things that the psyker can not do at all, or nowhere near as well.
Mid fight revives are incredibly easy to do for everyone except psykers.
Those things are not a problem to pretty much anyone.
Yet somehow, now that psykers have assail, that is a problem…

Most players have terrible awareness. They notice basically nothing, so they also do not notice what all of the classes can do, when they are on their team.
But due to the high uptime and flashy animations of assail, even the blindest mofo notices it sometimes. And then they start to complain about it (usually while having no actual understanding of any of the classes).


The idea that assail psykers can somehow steal my kills is amusing to me because I leave them in the dust all the time. Ripper guns and braced autoguns do absurd things to hordes that make assail look like childs play.


For FS, everything in the Feedback will be perceived as opinion. Why do we have to say "In my opinion bla bla bla . . . " We all know that we don’t have the power to change the game however we want. You’re upset of how people write and want them to say it the way you want? Why is that?

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I mean it’s fair that you want it to stay. I believe FS is listening to all sides. I don’t see the point of fighting here.

I’m on the fence about what to change. I do think it’s too strong as it is, especially below T5, but I also think being able to use multiple psyker abilities rather than just staves and brain burst makes psyker feel a lot more engaging to play.

If I had to pick something to change, that’s where I’d try first. I’d try to encourage them to cycle through/mix up the usage of their psyker abilities somehow. Rather than trying to make shards weaker, I’d try to give people a reason to want to switch up their ability usage throughout a run.


regarding brainburst, I feel like the damage and the charge time make it pretty bad. Perhaps it should scale according to difficulties because in T5, unless you use it on weak specials, almost anything else take 2 or more shots. Without using your ult first it’s pretty useless unless you have to take down a sniper from miles away then it is a quite useful. But other than that, time investment + vulnerability + low damage, it’s not worth it for me.

If you ask me or if I were in FS team, I’m gonna buff the dmg big time but lower the frequency big time. For example, you can charge a powerful brainburst attack quite quickly but you can only use it 2 times and it’s gonna go on cooldown for let’s say 10+ seconds. This way, we can keep the combat fluid which is super important to me. We only use it to kill specials or elites with the highest threat at a specific moment.



All I know is that the game is zero fun playing with an Assail Psyker. I just leave any game whenever I see one using it. Kills everythng with spam and makes what should be a challenging run at least three times easier than it should be.

And still I see teamwipe after teamwipe whenever I find the time to play.

Quite frankly I believe what people say on these forums is hyperboled til Kingdoms come so they get their wish. Assail is fine.
A lot of stuff is very strong right now. TTK has changed. Gameplay is still amped up thanks to more and strategically better placed spawns.


I stand by what I said. It’s not hyperbole if the user has some compitence.
Hound pack? Wipes them with a bit of spam from down the hall.
Clears hordes even better than flame staff, even moreso if there are shotgunners and ragers mixed in with it.
And this is on Damnation.
It’s not fun to play with. Unless there happens to be packs of Crushers and Maulers around.
It’s more of a case of I’m finding myself not having to do anything more often than not and save my utility for if something chaotic happens. Or having to do something stupid so I can hit some heretics.

I don’t know what to do about it. I simply just avoid runs with them and we’ve made it through alright and everyone got to play.

Even if one can argue that it’s fine at the higher levels, it’s definitely not fine below T5. I don’t know how much time you spend around those parts, but it absolutely isn’t hyperbole’d to say that assail psykers straight suck up all the fun. It’s true that they don’t insta-nuke things like ogryns even at that level, but every single other enemy goes down almost immediately and with zero effort.

QP queue times suggest that most people play in that T2-T4 region, so having an ability that sucks the fun out of the game for that region is a huge problem.

Psyker has a lot of tools to ruin hound packs. Having them all run at you and bounce off the shield that stuns specials is some looney tunes stuff.


That does sound fun. XD
I haven’t seen it or tried it myself yet.

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Admittedly zero. I play T5 Auric exclusively since it’s a thing. Even when I farm weeklies. You won’t catch me in Heresy.
And I specifically only talk about T5 Auric experiences, assuming that this is the endgame and what the game should be balanced around.
Everything below T5 is tutorial in my eyes. But I agree with your suggestion you made the other thread, that abilities should scale somewhat with difficulty.

It’s not good if new players can get carried easily in T1-T4 and then get a huge shock when they realize how the game really plays at T5 Auric.


I spend a little bit of time there when the T5 queues are dead or when I feel like playing mother goose. I’ve been in T3/4 a lot since the patch, leveling with a friend who’s brand new to the game.

It’s obvious that a lot of these T3/4 players using assail are getting hard carried by the ability. They effortlessly complete 90% of the run on their own, but the moment the moment they can’t use assail for whatever reason, they just go down.

Edit: Consider also that there’s fewer enemies to kill at the lower levels - That contributes to the fun sucker problem quite a lot.


Aye. This also applies to the other abilities as well. Brain Burst can oneshot a number of specials/elites on Heresy, but it can take 2-3 on Domination.
Though Brain Burst doesn’t quite have the same spamability as Assail.

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