Assail needs to be cut down in half

Yeah ammo exists, so what? I rarely run out because I know where all the items spawn and the more assail psykers there are the more ammo is left for me.

If you want to see some REAL op blitz gameplay you should see what bleed grenades can do. I killed roughly 12 dreg ragers with a single throw in my last mission. Try to match that with your magic missiles, Assail is smalltime on hi-shock compared to some of the other abilities, even if you limit the list to blitzs specifically.

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You are only adding to the argument I was trying to make, ammo limit the power of ranged weapons and grenades. There is no ammo for psyker staves and blitzs. Only cooldowns and peril cost, which is basically another forced skill cooldown.

Well your argument is pretty weak because guns can sustain fire long after an assail psyker runs out of missiles, or peril, or both. There’s no restriction on how many times I can reload my gun in a row or throw grenades, save for my overall ammo count. But unlike a psyker I can pick up ammo and grenades from the ground and even generate either on the fly as a veteran.

Assail is OP at lower difficulties because it doesn’t scale to them. At higher levels it balances out because it has a hard cap (two in fact) that limits the sustainable damage to well below other weapons like guns and psyker staves.


without aim or ammo

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Without aim, yes kinda.
Imo assail should have less auto tracking and more aim.

Regarding the ammo aspect, i would say that the other classes had it better than psyker has it now because they had basically unlimited ammo and could go full dps, only interrupted by short reloads.
Psyker can go full dps but then has to wait for about 15seconds before being able to perform the equivalent of a mag dump.


i’d keep the damage, but remove the 30% regen speed perk, you get an extra perk point to spend elsewhere so it would be a fair trade to me

with how strong staves are right now it would not be a real issue for psykers to use those while regenerating assail, but this means they have to activate 4 neurons instead of 2

Brilliant points!

My only hope that devs are experienced enough to know, that users on forums is tiny fraction of all players and usually they are pretty unique kind. And while they are complaining 24/7 majority of players are having good time with the game.


Tried oldfasioned brainburst + purgatus last time.
Imo it is still the meta. Idk why ppl think voidstrike and assail are OP. Yes, they are convinient. Voidstrike now is how it should have been from the start, and assail is strong, but slow and requires line of sight. Pretty boring too.

But ok, lets nerf it to the ground. Then complain about it on forums, then buff again and repeat the whole cycle.

Poor community managers.


That’s why i’ve been asking people who actually play this game on damnation/auric missions.
I’ve yet to see one who said that assail is not too strong. Everybody says the opposite. Even the psykers running the assail.


Assail can fully recharge in 14 seconds, and can put out more killing power when dumping those shards than most guns or grenades could hope to generate without exquisite positioning and aim, doesn’t need to aim particularly well itself, doesn’t need to channel anything, and never has to worry about finding or competing for pickups, doesn’t rely on its targets being nice and clumped up, and with many builds will never have to worry about Perils because it will only get to 80ish% and can purge entirely by the time just a few shards have regenerated. You don’t even have to wait for all the charges to regenerate before using it again, you can pop off three shards to kill a specialist that just popped up like snapping your fingers, unlike say a Plasma gun where if you’re stuck reloading halfway through a 10 second reload animation and you have to abandon it and switch to something else. If we’re talking sustainability, it’s hard to see where Assail lacks much.

I haven’t really run Aurics, but even at Damnation level games, my Assail psyker still notably outperforms every other build and class I run.

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Why do A VERY FEW people want psykers to be useless? Brain rupture is useless, smite will be after its spread is fixed, assail should be useless as well and nerfet into the ground. Why is this the basic stance of a minority?


I am playing on damnation.
Revolver + brainburst is much more flexible than assail imo.

Maybe not, but I enjoy it much more.

Actually I could agree on hard nerf, but only if these new lightning and assail were more fun. Like provoked some chain reactions or had some synergy with physical weapons to push players in that direction a little bit.

For example spawning assail from weakspot kills or something like this.

I’ve played a lot of high intensity 5s, some Auric with Assail Psykers and as one on and off, and Assails power has been greatly exaggerated.

As I was levelling and playing on lower difficulties, it carried me through because I didn’t have to worry about gear and obviously, any crowd clear weapon will be able to kill almost anything fast the lower the difficulty, and of course it has a bit of auto-aim.

Still, once you hit 5s, especially at high intensity, if you’re struggling to keep up with Assail Psykers as a Zealot or Vet, you should rethink what your build or how you’re playing.

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That’s actually one idea i proposed about regen nerf. Instead of them just regenerating over time you could take a page from zealot’s book with the knives. Zealot naturally wants to kill things in melee, that’s why “kill elites in melee to regen knives” works so well for him.

The gunpsyker is crit/weakspot kills tree mainly. I like the idea of regening shards from weakspot kills (with any weapon mind you, so not to screw over the melee builds). Let’s say they have a some % chance of regening on weakspot kill on any enemy. And you 100% regain 1 shard on weakspot killing an elite.
In this case i’d actually vouch for reducing the peril cost of launching the shards. Maybe 5% instead of 10%.
Also revolver and brainburst fulfill the same role. I personally run assail-revolver-dueling sword on my melee build. Dueling sword is ofc the main weapon, revolver i use to kill enemies i can’t reach quickly and assail is my “oh crap” button which i press when the horde is too big for me to deal with or when there’s a group of gunners ruining my (and my team’s) life. It’s a fun build to play, i pull my weight, and assail dosen’t need nearly as quick of regeneration as it has now.

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Yeah, maybe increase to 20 assails and tripple regen duration +
regen from weakspot nonwarp kills.

So you either use ammo to regen them more quickly, use your melee, or has long cooldown if using staff with infinite ammo.

But for this nerf I would prefer assail to have full auto mode.
Just for qol.

Not even. If you throw them out randomly, they won’t hit.
Hostile targets need to be at least a certain distance within the crosshair upon firing or the shards just fly off into the sunset, getting their own Hollywood ending.

These complaints really unveil who actually has used the ability and who just sees others perform with it.


i have used them, even if that’s your only argument, to discredit others.

if you think that aiming at general direction of enemy, is even remotely skill based, then good for you.

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Imo it is still the meta.

raw copium

I have had other arguments before in here, I won’t repeat these talking points.

But there is skill to using Assail. For one, it leaves you open to attack just like the saves do. Mobility is low, dodges cumbersome. Most ranged weapons perform better in this category and so do the melee weapons.

What’s more, you need to have Assail out to use it. Grenades, which are constantly mentioned as a comparison element, actually do come with an advantage - Throw it out and forget.


“having to use it” isn’t really that great argument in question of skill…

then i won’t consider them.

you mean like all blitz abilities?
the blitz abilities work like an extra range weapon, with very low skill input, the only skillful element to them is to decide when to actually use them, wich is a limitation almost all ranged weapons have, how cumbersome a weapon is only changes the size of the opportunity window, in wich you would consider it practical to use em.

difficulty of psyker comes from managing 2 ranged weapons essentially and using them in appropriate situations not from the weapons actually being hard to use, and you’re correct that the other classes don’t have to struggle with this problem,
but still assail in a vacuum is stupidly easy to use.