Can you please sanction the updated armoury mod, it has been crashing the game when selecting Kruber since the Grail Knight was released.
The author has updated it, it is currently awaiting your approval.


I’m gonna mention UI improvements and Player List Plus here too, since I’m pretty sure they’re both also updated and awaiting resanctioning.

These are especially valuable tools with a big balance beta, and much testing to be done! Been missing these mods dearly.


Well, it’s been a while since any of the most popular mods got reviewed after being updated…

Not to mention all the other mods waiting in queue for another sanctioning wave. These just seem to be piling up. Some of them seem to be pretty good QoL additions.

They REALLY need to get ontop of that

It’s SO annoying to have thing break, get fixed, and then not be allowed to be used

Despite losing sanctioned status, you can still use Armoury on official by selecting it in the mod menu, then ticking auto disable unsanctioned mods in official realm, start game in official and voila, you have a working Armoury mod.

It did crash once for me though when I was cycling through Kruber weapon skins.

Actually, both Player List Plus and Armory have been updated on the workshop, had their sanctioned status reverted back to Applied but, most surprisingly, seem to be loading in the client regardless.

While I’m glad I can use the updated versions, or any version at this point, but I’m pretty sure something’s off here.

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The mods were sanctioned and the pre-GK version still works on official realm ; it’s just that they are broken since GK release because they’re faced with unknown behaviour. Armoury works fine as long as it is opened from another character than Kruber and Kruber is not selected - the new weapons are unknown to the mod.
Same for UI.

Like @Slacker said, Armory has already been updated to fix those issues a few days ago. It will now work on Kruber and the new GK weapons. Same with Player List Plus - it also has been updated to fix GK patch-related issues. The problem is, their sanctioned status has been removed (probably due to a bug or some kind of misconfiguration). They will only work in the official realm if you enable the ’ Auto-Disable Unsanctioned Mods in Official Realm ’ setting in the launcher. Otherwise, they will be marked as unsanctioned and cannot be used in the official realm. See their current sanctioned status and comments in their respective Workshop pages.

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