Crash when opening chests

I had 2 crashes opening chests/interacting in the spoils UI (note that its not guaranteed)
it seemed random in nature but didnt took/long many chests to open
second crash happend pretty much instantly after trying to open a chest
(career Grailknight on both crashes)

the game just close without any sings that something is wrong and no error was recognised by the game (windows: V2 exe stopped running)

—> verified my files, nothing wrong

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Yep. Me too, must be something with new patch

We’ve got a fix coming, hopefully today, for this!

I have had the same issue. It too was with the Grail Knight. Myself and another save up chest and open something like 30-50 in a row (looking for Red of course). I kept crashing to the point I gave up. He went through 40-50 with a zealot with no crashes. We have same Vermintide setup. And was using mods with faster chest opening. Hope this helps in some way to pinpoint the issue.

Thanks for everything you do for the game Fatshark!

It has been solved, the patch note said it was something to do with Kruber’s handgun.

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Glad to hear that! Thanks for confirming @Saryk :grin:

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getting a handgun drop? or having it equiped?


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