CTD | Opening 'Spoils of War' from the Inventory menu

This crash happens somewhat consistently when I am in a lobby with a Grail Knight. I believe I have only seen it when a Grail Knight is in the game (Edit: This is not the case, see below). If I open the ‘Inventory’ menu, the crash occurs immediately when I press the ‘Spoils of War’ button. Curiously, opening ‘Spoils of War’ by interacting with the chest on the podium and bypassing the ‘Inventory’ menu seems to not cause this crash.

I have the ‘Armory’ mod enabled but I am not playing as GK when this has happened so I am not sure if that could still be the cause.

Note: I was experiencing a similar crash previously that didn’t rely on Grail Knight being in the game, but I believe it was related to having ‘Faster Chest Opening’ enabled in the ‘UI Tweaks’ mod. Disabling that setting seemed to resolve all of my crashing issues, except for when a Grail Knight is in the lobby.

Relevant crash report (I was on Kerillian with a Grail Knight in the lobby):
GUID: b2723e19-73eb-419a-957e-05327d3efe40
Log File:
Info Type:

Edit to add:

It appears Grail Knight is not a necessity for this crash. Immediately after making the original post, I launched the game to open the chest and crashed using the same steps: Hit play, opened the Inventory, pressed ‘Spoils of War’ button, immediate crash to desktop. I was on Shade Kerillian in an empty lobby and I had a single Emperor’s Vault in my inventory. I do have ‘Armory’ mod active.

Relevant crash report:
GUID: 1d20bb8e-b209-4c43-8984-b6e0a56605cc
Log File:
Info Type:

I’m getting this a lot as well. I usually play elf, this isn’t limited to the selected character. I’ve also had it happen to me with Salts and Bardin.

It’s annoying, I hope it’s fixed soon.

This is a known issue, code-related I believe. Thank you for your report.

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