Are we just money for you?

When will you mind taking care of your players ?
Do you even play your game ? Seems not or you would patch it every week !!

I’m sorry for that introduction but the game is getting worst and worst !! Same bugs till a year !!

When will you spend more time on PC Game to make it stable ?? When will you optimize the network connections between host & joiners ?

Some examples :slight_smile:

  • Being stuck in textures/mobs (spawning from the ground on you)
  • Revive spawns …
  • Elf ults not hitting anyone
  • Leeches getting you from miles !
  • Hookrats getting you threw walls !

etc etc

Don’t remove my post please and let people that bought every part of the game express their feelings.

Thank you.


This section is here to report bug precisely, so they can come up with a solution, this sort of general posts don’t really help them to solve issues.


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