Are stacking crits seriously a thing?

idk anything about sister of the throne dlc because i do not own it but i keep getting them bragging about the high number of stacked crits in game and it just seems too ridiculous for any one person to have that much power. do the stacked crits expire? if not, why is this a thing? personally, i think guaranteed crits should not be a thing.

keep getting sister players bragging about their crits:

i’m a legend player normally but decided to do a cataclysm quickplay in chaos wastes and it was the single most boring game i ever played. please fix this.

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Yes sott is completly broken and can stack guaranted crits


:frowning: why though?

Fatshark put the wrong type of herbs into the incense they burnt while making the career, as a result, we got a “support” class that has more killing power than any other career by far. :sweat_smile:

Only teeny tiny light is that Fatshark are thinking and supposedly working on a rework but the downside to that is that it might just backfire and make things worse if we are unlucky.


wait… sister is a support class? how is she able to one shot things but warrior priest can’t? that doesn’t make sense… ???

As i wrote, bad herbs got inhaled :joy:

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The rumor goes she was a full support class, but wasn’t doing well during play testing, so she was super charged.

:man_shrugging: FS has said that a rework for her is in the works. Here’s hoping that’s one of the talents on the chopping block (along with Radiant and bush bomb)


i hope so because as a not very good player yawning during the highest difficulty level is not a good look for a game’s longevity. if i was not host, i would have left the game. thats how boring it was. maybe they will make her a support class because warrior priest is a lot of fun even though his fury is underwhelming right now. i dont play much elf so i didnt buy that class. actually kind of glad i didnt.

also thank you to all who replied. i was just shocked that the random elf i got was just over the moon over the insane crits and i was shocked that it was even a thing. it needs to be removed or capped at a certain number with a decay function. its just way too much as is.


I’d love to know what the conditions was of this. All I can think is that Legend and Legend- (and Cata with a good team), make the CC kind of moot. She kind of only pops off the harder the game gets, like FK or IB, but then, just like them, becomes really strong.

Yeah, this pretty much sums up why I try to push for as much balance as possible in this game. Careers with more DPS is good, but when they’re S+ it actually removes gameplay for other people, and doesn’t just fill a role.

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Other people in this forum are more familiar with it. I just recall the explanation being that she was too passive, which led to some 11th hour changes. Happens, I guess.

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It would be a mix up to even have elf support, since besides SoTT passive its just WS regen with a talent or handmaiden’s amazing stamina regen aura you need to be holding her hand to benefit from and 90% of players by the weave right out of there the second you need it anyway. But I guess it was not fun for the play testers who have come to expect all flavors of elf to be high DPS. I was over the moon to have a Saltz that does something for the team besides crit interaction.


you’re not the only one leaving brokoli-elf lobbies, some play another elf so no veggiesprout can join, but we have to differenciate that while sister is fundamentially flawed in design, she still offers gameplay avenues that aren’t insanely broken, most of her talents are actually fine its just that the synergy of the best talents and weapons is so insanely high that it can outshine entire teams, that being said, if you avoid these talents she can be somewhat balanced.


It’s pretty easy to break chaos wastes, not SoTT’s fault. RV spamming morgrim’s bombs, Engi able to stun lock and bounce monsters across the sky, any class with overheat being able to get 100% crit rate (Pyromancer getting 100% ult recharge as well from this), whole team getting infinite ults from xokha’s duty. I can keep going on and on.

I’d add as well the other end of the scale; it’s possible as FK/IB/UC and others to takesix or seven CW overheads to the face and not even flinch as THP gen is obscene. Chaos Wastes isn’s something balanced and nor should it be.

Lettuce-Elf still needs to go though.


well sister doesnt even need a talent or bomb to be broken :laughing: