Sister thornwall challenge - Killing enemies - Adjust/Advice?

I got the sister class for Kerellian about two weeks - month ago (not sure exactly) and have been completing the challenges organically.

One of the challenges is called “The Awakening of the Woods” and it’s description is “Kill 500 enemies with the thornwall” (her ultimate ability).

It’s been slow going, and I made a thread on the Steam Discussion forum to ask for any info that would help me complete it faster. One of the responses was that her ultimate used to do more damage and was nerfed, which I haven’t confirmed, but if that’s accurate then this challenge was made with the per-adjustment Kerellian balance in mind, and is a lot harder to get done now. But if it’s intended to be a grind challenge and sort of an accomplishment of time spent playing, then fair enough.

Just as an example, I just ran a Cataclysm Citadel run in the Chaos wastes on SotT from start to finish, and my “enemies killed” on the challenge bar went from 100 to 102. Lol.

It’s possible that by the time this gets adjusted (if it ever does) I’ll have done it anyway. Not throwing shade, I just fully acknowledge it’s a pretty minor thing, and there’s more important priorities for the game/Fatshark probably.

If anyone has any tips to get it done faster, I’d welcome them. Thanks

I can confirm that her career skill has been adjusted. Before it was a very unfun to play alongside low cooldown nuke able to easily kill a SV patrol. As said, this was terribly unfun and overpowered AND in contrast to the concept Fatshark promoted her with. So it has been changed for the better.

I agree though that after her re-balance the challenges have not been adjusted. For most challenges it is not much of an issue. But the killing one has become a grindfest indeed.

Reading from what you have written I would say one “issue” is that you try to do this on Cataclysm. It is understandable from a skill and fun level and also enemy numbers. However, it is also means the chance of killing an enemy is lower due to the higher health. So what would be the best course of action. Hm, tough to say. You could try playing on lower difficulties but with a modifier which gives more hordes. Into the Nest with a constant horde Deed could be a way (if you have it). Or a Expedition map with the horde modifier. Additionally, you could kill/let die one or two bots to have less competition. One bot should be enough as safety on lower difficulties.

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Hmm try using bridges like on burlesque boss map… maybe that will count when the wall will blow & push them into water… or try stacking bots with strength pots & drink them up when you ult = go for max power also from talent that is applied to the ult dmg also :stuck_out_tongue: maybe that will help a bit… they should rework that asap imo^