Are dedicated servers still a thing?

If a costumer orders something from my store like for example an iPhone and I told him if you order at our store you get an extra charge cable with a charger for free.
He than gets his iPhone that he paid for but not the cable and the charger and he calls me at the store to ask where it is and I tell him its coming later.
So after a few months he calls again every other week to check on this and I always tell him its coming…
I doubt that he would fall for any promise again or even buy again at my store.
Just saying…


Apparenty yes, they’re working on it. (Screenshot from here)
They probably need to put more work on them, but i hope we’ll have them soon, maybe with the first DLC coming soon.

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To be fair I am not sure if they will be able to make them at all, considering how much CPU resources hosting takes now. If they don’t optimize stuff very well, renting severs will just be too expensive.

On the other hand that might be a mandatory requirement for consoles. If so - they basically have no choice and they will have to rework the AI and implement server support sooner or later.

Not sure about that, no idea how the first vermintide works on consoles but i’m not sure that it has dedicated servers

Ok. That’s why I said “might” and on a separate line.

But the hordes are much more numerous now, and idk if modern console’s power is enough both for processing them and rendering the game.

That’s also just an assumption btw.

Somehow I doubt it will be added to the game.
Now that people are forgetting about it it can only be a pleasant surprise if it arrives!

Honestly I just want dedicated server software that we can use. I have an extra desktop, I’d just fire it up on there and use that for hosting my games.

Wait… What?
What’s the point of that? You’re hosting games on your pc even without the “dedicated server software”…

So I can host the game from one machine, while playing on my gaming machine, that way my cpu isn’t getting chewed up by hosting+playing on the same one…???

Oh i got it, i was thinking about having just two screens for one machine, my fault, yes that make sense

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i just want a l4d kind of experience, IE i can join a server hosted game not a random person’s pc, so fatshark can put in a afk mode like l4d, where u turn into a bot but keeps ur spot while u go pee or something. that and the game does not end if people leaves.

fatshark hurry up and starts performing like valve already :O!

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I sort of want to scream the same but at the same time it’s a different game, though that would be pretty awesome. Had it happen plenty of times that a randomer or a mate had to take a 5 minute for w/e be it pizza, phone or door etc.

Kind of hope the dedicated servers will be moddable as well… and kind of hope custom servers will be a thing too in that sense, sorta hopeful of a mod that makes VT2 a bit more VT1 styled with the occasional high-octane horde instead of constant barrages of just everything piled onto each other. To actually build up suspense and such… I miss the eerie feeling of the first game that struck close to the eerie feeling of L4D/L4D2 - at least for me.

I sure hope so. Have had 3 games already where someone just ran in by themself and died, started to blame everyone and then just leave the game. Its FINE if its close to the start, not when its like 30 sec till its done and we got all tomes + grims. I hate that with so much passion.

If dedicated serves wont come, atleast make the host thing not reset the damn scenario from the start.

I dont know about other people but i just stop playing for a long while when that happens.

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