Any News since announcement?

@Fatshark team

it has been a few months since announcement and is almost 2021, but haven’t seen anything about this- screenshots, artwork, gameplay, story, character info, game style, etc…


No news yet! :slight_smile:

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But soon ?

Yep. We have a plan!


Is it a Great Plan?



It is A plan. We’ll leave it in your hands to tell us if it was great, or not! <3


Is it the Ikit Claw plan (May or may not involve a copius amount of Warpstone Nuke)


I assume that gameplay reveal gonna drop in november :smiley:


So Hyped!

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Also will we have news of Darktide before the release of the Bardin Dlc and the Chaos Waste Dlc ? Or will it be after (ie, could we potentially have news before the end of the year)

@Fatshark_Hedge Can we see any news about Darktide this month? Maybe next month?

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…dedicated servers…


Is it a cunning plan?

That’s been put on hold/probably cancelled. Too expensive.

Besides, if it’s dedicated servers like you’re thinking of, then the vast majority of players who don’t live near Sweden would hurt with latency issues. If its the other option where individual players hold their own server rooms then it hurts people in areas where there isn’t a lot of active players.

Either way, it’s just not possible.

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Dedicated servers FTW.

I just want to shoot these things, my lord inquisitor

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Okay well you can pay for the dedicated servers then :smiley:

I would gladly host a server on a dedicated PC on my fiber, provided it doesn’t have to be the first class CPU once all the player side elements are disabled.

P.S. Hosting servers doesn’t necessarily mean Sweden, unless you think FS would have a single server room in their office.
While I doubt it can be something like Valve’s infrastructure, I’ve always presumed it would be more like the L4D2 private server offering. And I don’t understand what’s wrong with adding a server where there is none.

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