Are dedicated servers just a hoax from FS?


So far we got no information at all about it and it seems for me that dedicated server support was just a hoax from the devs so more players buy the game.

Yes, this topic quite passive aggressive as I don’t understand why FS says NOTHING about it. For me it’s already on the verge of false advertising.

So FS, can you give out some infos soon or am I right (which I hope I am not).



If there was some update on it in the last weeks, sorry about this one - will remove it then.

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I dont know FS plan about it,but like someone else said anywhere else…

Dedicated Servers would be brilliant for the connection issues, but the game would live/die with the Community on host/client.

So… what is better ?

Dedicated servers are coming, there’s an entire team focused on them, but there is no ETA to give other than “soon.” FS has never shied away from confirming that they are absolutely coming, and Robin responded about this as recently as today:


I’ll be honest here. What goes into dedicated servers? Is it really that time consuming? Or is it really expensive?

Autmun 2019.
I call it.


You are the hero of the day. Thanks for that info.

Too bad that the community has first to call out (a few million times) for the devs to respond. And while we know that they are at least working on it, we still don’t know what the tools will be capable of or what settings we will be able to set.

So yeah, it’s still just a small drop in the ocean.

Expensive… My gaming community hosts a few servers, for BF4-1 and minecraft. Costs around $1,000USD a month. Cost depends on the server, companies charge more for extra SSD space, better CPU’s etc. This game is very CPU demanding, so I think that might be part of the problem.

And then there’s the logistical aspect to it as well. They need them all over the world, otherwise it’s kinda pointless. Having all the servers hosted here in Sweden would be great for me. But the Aussies and Kiwi’s joining from the other side of the world are gonna have 300-400 ping.

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They’d be better putting in a checkpoint system, possibly picking up a tome or a grim is a “save point” - trouble is, it could be abused if “On load” there aren’t the same amount of enemies there were when you picked it up.

That’s what I figured. Thanks for the reply.

Why? If there’s dedicated servers, it won’t matter if people quit because the match won’t restart.


My suggestion is a cheap alternative to the whole point that dedicated servers are not cheap at all, especially -as you pointed out - they’re even more expensive being international.

It’s both, there isn’t any software for running this game with dedicated servers. They have to create that first. Something that people seem to fail to understand. And you don’t pay for “better” CPU’s, you pay for more cores.

Yea, fair enough, I misunderstood what you were trying to say. I read your post as “They better be putting…” instead of “They’d be better putting…”

Semantics… Would you not say a CPU with more cores is better?

To quote myself from another thread:

I.e. the dedicated servers themselves are not the problem, but rather the cocktail they are part of with EAC and mods (in my view / speculation).

Also optimisation might be an issue. Which kind of machines would run these dedicated servers? In my world people have old gaming rigs, NUCs, NAS (for example Synology NAS:s with some functionality) or low-power servers (like Atom C2xxx or C3xxx boards), all of these would require some substantial optimisation to able to handle a dedicated server or two given how much resources the “director” part of VT2 seem to use. What use is a dedicated server if no one would run them?

(I might have missed something here, but AFAIK FS has no intention of hosting servers)

What I love is when they say ports to other platforms don’t slow down content… Do they really think we are that thick? Yes artists may not be needed to port over content per se. However the map has to to white boxed out first. Then playtested, the art has to go in then optimization passes are made on the map. So you need a level designer before on top of the art team. The team then has to playtested the map. Something that they will be doing on the Xbox currently. All those who can optimise maps are going to be doing it for Xbox…


Lemme go ahead and repeat this again, They have been working on the Xbox and PS4 version since before the PC version was even released. Of course people are going to be working on both platforms. But it’s not like they’re pulling the xbox port out of their arse and are just starting to work on it.

No of course not, but it’s also true that console has ramped up significantly since 1.1. That’s when they were ‘done’ with PC for now and need to push out console to uphold their deal with Microsoft of being part of the game pass program for July.

To think that the entire team isn’t currently on console (sans art team and possibly dlc team) would be naive in the extreme. In fact, FS have said this is the case.


Pfft after the ramp up that has taken most if not all the studio on the Xbox version, what do you think is next exactly? PS4 pal, on the PC side we will likely see (fingers Crossed) Mods fleshed out and severs some time after the Xbox launch. However more content, not a chance they cant put a DLC out in a matter of weeks. If I got the game on Xbox I would be in uproar as to why it’s wasn’t part of the game in the first place. Then they have The PS4 version to do and Holidays to contend with . Again when the PS4 version is done, as a business you are not going to want to give the DLC out for free. Cosmetics like weapons skins a player skins will be dolled out for free the placate two fan bases. One that has had to put up with the most, however FS can’t play favourites.

Only after a reasonable amount of time after the PS4 launch , will we see content. Now possibly they would have a sizeable amount of content, that has been partially completed over this time frame. And requires a full team effort to implement. However this will be sold to us piecemeal. Not only to maximise profits but while that’s being sold to us over a steady span of time. They can ramp up more content, so three platforms have a near constant stream of DLC sales over the coarse of the next two years.

All the while they can have a few people working on the next project on and off…


No, Not semantics, that comment just goes to show how little you know about managing servers.

Oh boy. This community.

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