Any idea what this rune means?

For the lore buffs out there: i’ve noticed a keg with this rune on, in the sanctum in bogenhafen.
It looks to me to be a beastmen rune. Any idea about its meaning?

EDIT: isn’t it the same as the one in convocation of decay? before the elevator?

It looks like stylized versions of the “Nurgling” (top) and “Nurgle” (bottom) symbols

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I’m not sure what a keg of nurgle would be, but I’d not drink it.

Probably the same stuff that Krubers army buddy drank, the same guy who rotted black from the inside out :fearful:


I hadn’t seen this thread, the 5 tear mean Nurgle/Nurgling and the lower 3 square is Additional eyes, so if you’re lucky when you drink it you would mutate to have more eyes and release Nurgling when you die

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