Any chance a paid armory reset gets put into the game?

I don’t know about you guys but i hate logging in or waiting every hour to maybe get an item that i really want. Is there anyway we can get a paid armory reset? Like using the currency we get from missions to reset the shop instead of waiting every hour. Would like some feedback on why this would be good or bad. Im thinking like 6500 tokens too reset it (about the amount of money you get from a malice mission)


I second this. I just want a nice staff for my psyker but everytime I look the store’s full of guns and axes or garbage curios. Though maybe have the reroll cost start lower, maybe like 2500, then increase by a thousand or so every time you reroll the shop, then the cost resets with the shop’s normal turnover rate.

And maybe change the weapon stats to numbers instead of meaningless bars so I can better judge how what I’m buying compares to what I have without squinting.

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no, just get rid of the the garbage rng store system