Another nothing burger from Fatshark

Who knows? There are seemingly technical restraints and changes of direction for the game that they have told us nothing about, so who knows what they have planned for the game . It’s almost like they never tell us anything at all. For all we know the next patch is turning the game into a hero PvP shooter.


Uh that’s the point of the whole Live service thingy so highlighting an obvious fact kinda dumb… unless ?

Or WTF fatshark is thinking what the hell is that ?

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Every single patch that doesn’t remove perk and blessing locks is Fatshark putting another bullet into their dying game.

I would rather play a game where there is no loot progression at all than one where the RNG is absurd and can retroactively brick items that were extremely rare to start with.


they added map locks instead!


business model:

  1. sell cosmetics for real $
  2. get more sell by getting more players
  3. get more players by getting good reviews by offering great content, which refreshes to not make it boring


  1. sell cosmetics for real $
  2. get less and less sales by losing players
  3. get less and less players by blocking game content and hence limiting options, artificially reducing availble content making game boring

can someone make ppt with this?


Not right now but I’ll be making a little zinger video to insult them adding locks to the maps. So I’ll include it there.


Removing locks would be great, but they also need to deal with the fact that the majority of blessings either don’t function as intended, or simply don’t function at all. Having access to all the blessings would be of limited value until they actually work!


its kinda the opposite. If I can have any I want I can just pick the obvious best in class and ignore the dumb useless or broken ones.


Kind of unfair, it’s not nothing that we got. I would liken it more to

Or maybe


That is not really the opposite, so much as you explaining how you would behave within that situation. Whilst I applaud you for looking at it from that perspective, It doesn’t change the fact that apart from a handful of blessings, the majority of which a lot of people have already gathered at least a tier 3 version of from Sire Melks’ offerings, most of them are meaningless at this point in time.

I don’t remotely disagree with your stance on blessings, but I think that saying whether or not a blessing works has no impact on the value of having it available is inaccurate.

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I forgot that I wasn’t very funny by nature so its less of a zinger video and more of an analysis and some recommendations. But I deliver to ye a slapdash graphical rendition of your complaint using the same tool I might use in one of my actual real world business meetings.


I was part of the 3500 players of the week because i logged in 1 time to get an item from Melk as i still had currency on my ogryn.

Reading the annoucment made me uninstall the game properly so i would not atificially inflate the game’ stats.

As I posted before, they do not care.
Maybe I’ll enjoy the game in 1-2 years like it happened with vermintide 2, once expectations have totally disappeared.


It would be better than having one that doesn’t work locked on your weapon.

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Agreed! I have multiple weapons with that issue too :rofl:

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And they’re starting up bs FOMO practices again


Already did actually, but inside a thread, not as a topic / OP. It doesn’t deserve it’s own op, it’s just a tiny statement.

That was one of /b’s most successful raids to date and it was hilarious, too. Had a subtle message in there as well. It was so effective, the entire advertizement campaign was cancelled over night (sadly).

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Shush and be glad it’s not some inane "beat 25 missions while killing 3 pox hounds and a single Crusher with a crit hit while walking backwards " bs.


No. It’s pr-speak to people reading that aren’t actively involved in the game, but have only heard the bad news. It’s basically an advertisement for people to look at it again and see the 30% sale. The “content” they’ve been producing has mostly been marketing content.

I know we’ve all been trained to accept that PR speak is somehow not supposed to be held to the standards of other forms of communication, but lying is lying.

Doing it as part of PR speak does not excuse it. Todd Howard and Pete Hines are both pathological liars, and the fact that they’re lying to enrich themselves and scam other people out of their money does not, in fact, make it OK.

FatShark has cultivated a culture of lies, silence, gaslighting and miscommunication over the years, to the point they will pretend things never happened, edit previous statements and flat out lie. Labeling it as ‘PR speak’ does not make it OK.


Welcome to 2023 game industry where…

Beta → PR marketing tool
Release → Payed QA test
Lie → PR speak
Settling the release technical debt → content drop
Players → Rejects
RNG slot machine → Crafting
information feedback via scoreboard → toxicity
Locked content → community event
FOMO skin shop → Live service
Liability and expectation dodging → > it’s not our design intent

Did i miss something… ? Ohh of course !

We dont have jackshit → Next Week